Monday, December 22, 2008

Cephalochromoscope embodied in song

So here's a holiday present for all you Discordance Axis fans!

Davydd Grimm says (13:50):
so, that cover...
Davydd Grimm says (13:50):
when are you emailing it to jon chang?
Zmaj says (13:50):
what cover?
Zmaj says (13:50):
Zmaj says (13:50):
well, let's think about that carefully
Zmaj says (13:51):
I'm not sure if I want to disclose any personal information at all since he might attempt to assasinate me
Davydd Grimm says (13:51):
Davydd Grimm says (13:52):
he does own guns

Rare 2008 Information Sniper Cover (Mediafire)


orfee said...

I disagree with that label.
There is no wrong music, there is only wrong people, right?

Zmaj said...

There is only wrong Pokémon maaan!