Life Through a Cephalocromoscope Volume 1 Mix

Hey all!

Nigel (aka Desiccatedveins) here with something a bit different.

At the beginning of the summer, I'd been thinking a lot about the blog's origins as a music-sharing site when Karlo and the crew originally conceived of it. It's what caught my interest, led to my friendship with Karlo and ended up all these years later helping out at the site.

I wanted a way that I could share the recent music I loved more immediately and more quickly with a lot of folks in a way that isn't possible through reviews and other kinds of writing. Filesharing isn't feasible in the same way it once was, so I landed on the concept of a mix.

Karlo will be the first to tell you that grindcore and fast music in general isn't the site's only interest and aim. It isn't mine either, but I do have a particular love for the short, fast, loud and weird, and with this mix I wanted to highlight some of the exceptional things happening in that realm from 2019 until now.

I landed on Mixcloud as a platform, as it makes it easier to coordinate your tracklist and mix than other services.

I legally purchased all the music featured here, and I urge you to do the same for anything here you especially enjoy. Everything can be found through the bands or their labels' Bandcamp pages, and if you have any questions about a certain song or band, feel free to reach out in the comments.

You can find the full mix in the player below! Hope you all enjoy, and I hope to be back with more projects in this vein in the future.


Full Tracklist
    1. Ona Snop, "Wake in Fright" 00:00
    2. Triac, "Sardonic" 00:47
    3. Diploid, "Failure to Deradicalise" 01:46
    4. Transient, "Home" 02:46
    5. Nak'ay, "Deprivation Siege" 04:12
    6. Socioclast, "Infinity Nexus" 05:00
    7. Soil of Ignorance, "Earthquake Magnitude" 06:05
    8. Stimulant, "Myopic Voided" 06:57
    9. Iron Lung, "The Psychology of Quarantine" 08:03
    10. Backslider, "Collision of Desire" 08:43
    11. Fluoride, "Alienate" 09:57
    12. Cloud Rat, "Porcelain Boat" 11:34
    13. Brainpan, "Quantomb" 13:41
    14. Gasp, "Rose Gold" 14:51
    15. GALL, "Migraine Aura" 17:37
    16. HOLY GRINDER, "Knurling Flesh" 18:49
    17. PSUDOKU, "SLAughter_in_10D" 19:56
    18. Cognizant, "Thrall" 22:02
    19. Gridlink, "Coronet Juniper" 23:10
    20. Chepang, "Avismarinaya" 24:36
    21. Days of Desolation, "King of Pikes" 25:54
    22. Suffering Quota, "Rights" 27:42
    23. Yacøpsæ, "K-lynch" 28:51
    24. WVRM, "Shining Path" 29:49
    25. WORLD PEACE, "Gnashing of Teeth, Hissing of Tongues" 30:54
    26. Knoll, "Tether and Swine" 31:15
    27. Bled to Submission, "Bury Them in the Graves They Dug For You" 33:27
    28. PULMONARY FIBROSIS, "Pontocerebellar Hypoplasia" 35:34
    29. Internal Rot, "Chronic Bedlam" 37:13
    30. Mortify, "Chemical Plant" 38:43
    31. Necropsy Odor, "Degreaser Bath" 39:24
    32. Soiled Hate, "The Hated in This Utopia" 40:27
    33. GATE, "女神ノ天秤" 41:46
    34. EXTREME DECAY, "White Phosphorous Nightmare" 43:14
    35. Deserve to Die, "Dead" 44:18
    36. Sea of Shit, "Undiagnosed" 45:50
    37. Closet Witch, "A Happy Kettle" 46:46
    38. LYCANTHROPHY, "Kill Your TV" 48:23
    39. Libranos Del Mal, "Flor de Carne y Sangre" 49:10
    40. Barren, "Rust" 49:30
    41. CHIENS, "Dogsnation" 50:48
    42. Hideous Species, "Dream Monger" 51:37
    43. Caca De Luna, "Züchtigungstheater" 52:26
    44. Deterioration, "Hallucinogenic Demise" 53:38
    45. Whoresnation, "Avalanche" 55:30
    46. Triage, "Dehumanate" 56:54
    47. P.L.F., "Synaptic Nebula" 57:40
    48. Beasters, "Humiliation Fetish" 58:52
    49. ESP Mayhem, "Negative Feedback" 1:00:21
    50. HIRS, "XOXOXOXOXOX (ft. Melt-Banana)" 1:01:23
    51. Horornisdiphonevalley, "Involuntary Transfusion (The Kill cover)" 1:03:34
    52. Final Exit, "エレキの若大将(Young Guy of Eleki)" 1:04:24
    53. SETE STAR SEPT, "Repeated Blunders" 1:05:07
    54. Mortalized, "Kusabi (Wedge)" 1:06:06
    55. Takafumi Matsubara, "Stuttered Rope" 1:07:08
    56. KANDARIVAS, "Dissemination" 1:08:54
    57. Wormrot, "Broken Maze" 1:10:06
    58. SWARRRM, "ハレルヤ - hallelujah -" 1:12:01
    59. Skullshitter, "Auto Cannibal Nihilistic Creep" 1:14:47
    60. HORRIBLE EARTH, "Brainworms" 1:16:48
    61. Blight Worms, "Ashen Blood" 1:17:18
    62. Bandit, "Hoax" 1:18:09
    63. Twin Tombs, "Poser/Filth" 1:18:48
    64. Vermin Womb, "Real Trauma (Bomb First)" 1:19:25
    65. Escuela Grind, "My Heart, My Hands" 1:21:12

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