Negative Bias (USA) - Negative Bias LP (2022)

Good thrashcore has an infectious, propulsive energy. The style sits astride grindcore and powerviolence, but hooked to a live wire of pure 80s thrash. Grindcore prioritizes speed, and powerviolence distorted bass and moshpit-forming breakdowns, while thrashcore champions a wry, attitude-driven variety of fleet-footed punk.

North Carolina's Negative Bias bring thrashcore into the 21st century with an extreme, blastbeat-heavy take on the style that still emphasizes light-hearted fun. Following 2021's Speedcore Summer! EP, this full length is crammed with irreverent tunes to get a body moving. With song titles like "Last Days of Profanity" and "Positive Approach", this is an LP filled with extreme music in-jokes that's executed with serious profiency. 

Much of what I wrote about Speedcore Summer! two years ago holds true on this full-length release. This is trebly hangout punk for portable radios and shitty car stereos. It's music for empty pizza boxes and crushed beer cans.

As ephemeral as those images are, this is not a slight release. Its runtime is short (sub-10 minutes for 26 tracks) but there's plenty to like here, and it's a release I've found myself coming back to when I need an energy boost. These tunes may go down like a pilsner on a summer day, but you'll find yourself reaching into the cooler for another soon after they're finished.

Negative Bias is available on vinyl through RSR and digitally via Negative Bias' Bandcamp as a free/pay-what-you-want download.

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