Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Self Deconstruction (Japan) - S/T (2011)

1. Self Deconstruction
2. The Anger Which I Wait For
3. Delusion, Confusion and...
4. Superficial
5. Present
6. Hypocrite
Total playing time 4min 52sec

Self Deconstruction was formed in February, 2010, after Kuzuha "left ... Sete Star Sept" because "many troubles happened in December, 2009." First, he recruited Hiroto for blastbeat duty, and after a while the two of them got Shimano + Kubine as male / female mic assault duo, making for today's line up.

"Our music style is FREE STYLE GRIND."

Well, it sounds cool - and it is! Where Sete Star Sept runs self-destructive Arsedestroying noise through their veins, Self Deconstruction is hyperactive with riffs, blasts & breaks, thrashing on a path more similar to Swarrrm (don't take me wrong! - the bands are very different [all three: 7s7, SxDx, Swarrrm]). It might be worth mentioning (in respect to poopy purists) that I've always found grind bands with clean, low volume interludes ("Superficial") damn SWEET. So when all is said and done, SxDx remains a very crusty thing with a hard-to-pinpoint core, which is by no means a negative notion. For those who are mad on identity, always clutching a shit idol or two - let the rest of us breathe!

Get this one over @ Grindcore Karaoke!


Andrew Childers said...

i thought this was one of the better grindcore karaoke releases. so much of their stuff is kinda meh. it's nice to see them snag a real gem here and there.

Zmaj said...

Sure. I mean, Grindcore Karaoke is cool, but I wonder how many people will care enough to go through all those bands / projects in the first place? Especially if we consider all the sorts of stuff Randall has gathered.

So I like the whole deal, but I wonder if I'd even notice, for example, Shaken Baby on there if Owen hadn't sent me their album.

Stuff like that, y'know. But in the end (or, "in reality"), I've nothing to bitch about.

DesiccatedVeins said...

Dude, this is pretty fantastic. And I very rarely look through Randall's releases, but I will say that he's snagged some great material for the label, even if he didn't discover most of it first: Robocop, TheDownGoing, Cloud Rat, Cogs and Sprockets...

Zmaj said...

As long as he's kicking out the jams... !

kuzuha said...

THANKS!!! from kuzuha of SxDx