Saturday, April 14, 2012

Realized (Japan) - 21st Century Terminal World (2005)

Have you ever realized how well Realized grinds? That cover art might scream Classic! in both senses, but, erm, never judge a book by its cover. Why not?

Why yes, pal. If you like your engine greased up a notch by a steady feed of blastbeats, rock'n'roll has come to a conclusion with 21st Century Terminal World. Alright, perhaps not - but we can always pretend! And this we certainly do, as if d-beat was ever a good answer to anything. That bass sure is heavy, um... One toke over the line, sweet Jesus. Guzzle that gas like grandpa & let the realization run you over.

Good old crusty grind. (Mediafire)


DesiccatedVeins said...

Wait, you didn't post this here before? I was sure it would've been on here ages ago.

Zmaj said...

We live in weird ages!

Perpetual Strife said...

im with disiccated here, so strange!

gamefaced said...

write well then.

Z said...

Any chance of posting this?

"Japanese Grind Core, REALIZED is Back!! New Studio Recorded CD is Finally Out.
After releasing 1st full album "21st CENTURY TERMINAL WORLD" 2005, Vocalist and Bassist are Changed to new members. So the style is also changed into more Japanese HC style, new Vocalist sings Japanese lyrics. But still Brutally Blasting!!! 5 tracks of Great Original Japanese Grind Core."

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