Saturday, April 7, 2012

Noisear & Magnicide (USA & Singapore) - Split 7" (2008)

Magnicide, Noisear. That's the fucking alphabet, there. And it's full-blown grind. Thank Rescued From Life for the realization (and damn, look at that roster: from Unholy Grave to Netjajev Society System). And these might be familiar bands for familiar readers, but we've a lot of catching up to do. If Noisear's dying to live, I'm writing to read. Love me do -

I like grind!


That, and only that is the reason why the Wormrot guys - a year+ ago in Ljubljana - knew (yet couldn't pronounce) Cephalochromoscope. We like grind; me & Mr. C & Nigel & Shane & The All-Natural-Blastbeat-Duo & many more contained in the link-list of the blog. Step right up.

Noise to the Ear, a midsummer evening in Singapore. (Mediafire)


Unknown said...


This is what I do, this is what I love, and this is what I love to do.
Also, holy fuck I need to buy this.

gamefaced said...

blastbeatitude a blog rip err bong post.
why am i having such a hard time proving i'm not a robot?

Andrew Childers said...

-this is madness.
-no. this is GRINDCORE!

Zmaj said...

I heard you like noise in your ear.

Andrew Childers said...

ahhh but i asked dorrian about the name. it's actually noise-sear, i.e. searing noise. yeah... me neither.

Zmaj said...

... Damn.

KHRYHMYD said...

dude, repair link please. cant download... :)