Thursday, March 22, 2012

Magnicide & Toxic Revolution (Singapore & Germany) - Abusetrap / Short-Fast-Loud LP (2009)

1. Your Path Ended In Hell
2. Catcher In The Eye
3. Hello Misery
4. Abusetrap
5. New Blood Generate
6. A Life Of Meaning
7. Broken Cloud
8. What Lies Ahead
9. Not Dead Enough
Toxic Revolution
10. Alemere Can Suck It
11. Speed Freaks
12. Scenepoint My Ass
13. Theme Song
14. Shallow And Plastic
15. H&M Crust
16. Coffee Association
17. They Live

Nothing wrong about giving Wormrot all that attention, but do direct a few bits at Magnicide (!) "...another Singaporean band deserving nothing but love from the grind-enthusiastic masses ( (with...) Memeng and Jali from Demisor... Musically, ...something like 324 sped up." See, Toxic Revolution are just as fast and blunt, with the appeal of thrash metal's impatient son and/or some moldy cheese run amok in the best of ways. The magnitude of blastbeats here exceeds the number of zombies on film, so you might as well get the vinyl at TVG.

Happy New Speed! But, Magnicide - what does it mean?! Don't even get me started on the adorable track called Catcher in the fucking Eye. As usual, I'd like to be of as little help as possible. I mean, I wouldn't call Cephalochromoscope a surrealistic snake of a blog. Not yet. Although, I can't help but wonder what a random visitor with no blastbeat-encounters at all might perceive while hearing and reading. A Toxic Revolution is a gift, just like an orgasm. Of what magnitude?! When all my brains die, I'll still have my gut! Associations come, civilizations go. Remember 324? Mouth to mouth. Reminds me of breathing. Japanese Queens of Grind & blastcrust clusterfuckers; they've got their bees, like Parlamentarisk Sodomi and Magnicide, a powerful bandana, and a bunch of rabid snare drums. Grind heals, I swear. Well, at least time did nothing here.

What? (Mediahanger)

Rule 324 // "...the second most important rule of grind (just behind "play fast"); that is, to be absolutely relentless, at all times."


Unknown said...

Love this record. And 324.

TheThirdChildren said...

Exactly what I needed - more Magnicide :)

Jyb said...

"Grind heals, I swear."

Best sentence ever. Also YAY for more Magnicide.

Zmaj said...

Right. They do deserve more attention!