Saturday, March 24, 2012

Luddite Clone (USA) - The Arsonist and The Architect

1. Bottom King
2. Circle Template
3. Oratory of the Jigsaw
4. Arthropod
5. The Contortionist
6. The Arsonist and the Architect

Luddite Clone is a burst of contradictory blastbeats and ambigously conclusive contortions. Starting with the band's very name, rational analysis increases risk of depression in adult chimpanzees, children dolphins, and ingenious humans alike. Hear that Oratory of the Jigsaw? Discordance Axis was putting Chang's Oratorio in Gray & Jigsaw to plastic around the same time. How's that for irrelevant info, huh? One cool, short-lived band, here. Those who like it - love it. Feel the enthusiasm dripping riff after riff within tracks title something like Arthropod (i.e. Lobster), Bottom King (Butt Kisser?), or The Contortionist (probably some Spazz), samples at the start and all. Even the breakdowns don't get on my nerves, and breakdowns always get on my nerves! And the brain cells lost on the melo-mellow death metal of Arthropod are well redeemed by the short walking jazz intermezzo on The Contortionist. Sure, they burned out quickly - this and a split with Burnt By The Sun and some live recording - but if at least one song reminded me of Parade of the Lifeless how could I not consider the band damn worthy of cephalochromoscopin'?!

Dr. Ludditle (Minifire)

"we are all programmable shells we are an experiment such an intricate maze comprised of a simple mind begging for the needle to inoculate the virus and eliminate the doldrums will you kiss the scientist or eliminate the spectacle"


Andrew Childers said...

yesssssssssss their split with burnt by the sun and live farewell split with esoteric (not the doom one) are also excellent. truly underrated band. follow up band kiss the cynic was ok but not quite as dynamic.

Zmaj said...

A gem is a gem. Good sounds, still fresh. Could've, should've posted much sooner. I remember that you did a review way back...

Andrew Childers said...

there was a period when i was way, waaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy into the clone and creation is crucifixion. still both great, completely ignored bands.