Sunday, March 25, 2012

Cephalochromology Class I: [AB]Use of Tags

This time around, I just want to remind you all of some of the bands that have inspired Cephalochromoscope in the first place. Why? Because the last DxAx-centered post seems to have been back around... December, 2008. Damn! So Cephalochromoscope is actually pretty old. We've never really noted the blog's birthday or anything of the sort; I just checked and the first post fell on April the 19th, 2008, which means that, in less than a month's time, the blog will be, uh, four years old. Anyhow, that first post was all but interesting; regard my writing (perhaps it was comprehensible then, at least?): "I really like the audibility of the bass guitar." - so I guess it must've been the content that sealed the deal: Swarrrm (Japan) - Chaos & Grind EP (1998).

You know, once I would have noted bands upon bands here, but not today. If you scroll a bit down, on the right you will see a much shorter, *golden* list (that I'll certainly be updating) titled "Cephalochromology" / can't remember when I put that one up, but the bandnames lead to the relevant posts of releases of the relevant bands (with a few exceptions to the impossible requirement of "more than one post" for each sweet band's inclusion). This means something along the lines of "324, Agents of Abhorrence, Assück, Birushanah, Cellgraft, Corrupted, Damage Digital, Discordance Axis, Final Exit, Fuck on the Beach, Gate, Gore Beyond Necropsy, Hellchild, Hellnation ... Melt-Banana, Mortalized, Muga, Noisear, Noism ... Rinjyu-Zange, Rise Above, Robocop, S.O.B. ... Slight Slappers, Spazz, Swarrrm, Unholy Grave, Wormrot, Xinlisupreme, Yacøpsæ."

Let it also be known that the blog is generally full of very useful tags for the visitor (once a blog has gathered over 500 posts, tagging becomes necessary for navigation unless the only format you're providing with is "Band Name - Album Title"), be it for a genre-specific search (as the blogger search bar seems to lead into somebody's pitch-black ass), or for a self-destructive, time-killing ramble, nothing short of the video below.


gamefaced said...

xinlisupreme this list, so happy
sir, ressoll teduam

Andrew Childers said...

if it helps, i'm not sure i've ever found your writing comprehensible. but it still kinda works.

Shane Bywaters said...

We kind of have similar writing styles. Which is why I "love" you.

Burek said...

Ovi blogovi su postali neki čudni portal u prošlost.

Zmaj said...

val: Xinli Sue Cream.

Mr. C: Everything goes.

Shane: You can quote but you can't lie!

Burek: Tako ti je to kad si sentimentalan. :P Samo zezanje rođače!