Friday, January 20, 2012

Shaken Baby (Belgium) - Phantasmagoria (2011)

To be honest, I might've grown quite tired of d-beat a relatively long while ago, but Shaken Baby is certainly more than just another one of, you know, those. Both fast and swampy, barely dissonant, rhythmically often unpredictable, with a finely woven modern vibe `a la His Hero is Gone or some less obvious band like that, but if it ain't punk I don't know what it is + nice drumming courtesy of Jasper, who is also know as cover artist & brother of the man behind the guitar - Owen - whom you also probably remember for the at least as nice drumming in Kasatka. That is, if you know your fast bands. The final track is classic - a noise track - the worth of which depends on preference (I mean, I liked it), but hey, Shaken Baby is another awesome Belgian band projects to which I can ascribe the "awesome-", and leave out the ''post-'' prefix.

Time for hyperhyperhypersex. (Mediafire)

Also @ Grindcore Karaoke.

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