Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sakatat, Mesrine (Turkey, Canada) - Tahammül Etmek Kabul Etmek Demek, Christ Benoit/Modern Void Split 7'' (2011)

1. Christ Benoit
2. Modern Void
3. Meydanlar
4. Bu Duzen Hepimizi Bir Gecede Harcayabilir
5. Kayip
6. Truth Behind (Dropdead)
7. Tahammul Etmek Kabul Etmek Demek

Mesrine might be the slickest band in the following split-series, but worry not about lack of filth! Our blessed sewers are filthy as fuck, but they are also damn slick so all the cool crocodiles can have a nice time. It is this same line of thought that Mesrine employ while reflecting about you, their listener. As for Sakatat, I hope you've already received this Turkish gift... Contains blastbeats, and no goddamn bass - Ha! They've put out several split releases in 2011, some of which I'll post up right away, but I have a feeling that you'll be seeing more Sakatat in general on here. Damn good stuff, complemented by a Dropdead cover (a nice affinity of theirs / recording one cover for each release, including, for example, Sore Throat, Assück, Agathocles, as you'll see).

SAKAKAKA... (Mediafire)

Two main ones to get it at: To Live A Lie & Bucho Discos.

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DesiccatedVeins said...

I just updated my Sakatat collection a few weeks ago, and I think this was my favorite of their recent releases. That opening Sakatat track is such a nice, succint grind nugget. I'm glad they're finally working on a full-length, as well. Also, "all the cool crocodiles." Ah, Karlo.