Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sakatat, Matka Teresa (Turkey, Poland/Netherlands) - Devletin Terörü Kimi Koruyor? / No Justice No Peace Split 7'' (2011)

Fastcore, grindcore, etc. What the Sakatat trio pulls of is comparable to a drill the size of a train merely doing its thing. Yup, they're naturals. And not only are they devastating by themselves, but they also do an Assück cover on this one (Wall of Shame). Matka Teresa, on the other hand, like the slow, filthy violence, but - of course - only in-between "lenghty" amounts of The Speed. Sure, they might sound like Mother Theresa, had she ever come to her senses, however, some sort of influence was obviously imposed upon Sakatat, here, as they also decomposed a few of their riffs into greasy slabs of sludge. But only a few. As for the distros, uh, there's a list here.

Suck at THAT, Mother Theresa! (Mediafire)

For some reason I immensely enjoy talking about Assück, a band with all the right notions, 'cause civilization comes, civilization goes... "Quarantined by the plague of government. Ideological barriers of ignorance. Lives changed by concrete. Suppressed by autocracies throughout the centuries." Lives changed by concrete, man.

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