Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sakatat, Archagathus (Turkey, Canada) - Ucuz Can Pazari, Slaughter-Extinction Split 7'' (2008)

A whole load of minced riffs - a genre one might better call ''shish grind'' (or simply ''šiš pank'' in our upper Balkans here). 'Cause hey, ''mincecore''? Not much better, really. On the other hand, pretty much everybody has had a close encounter with a kebab by now, and some of you also with čevapćići, I am certain. Perhaps the bands here sing against this whole culture of shish (yet, wouldn't ''sakatat'' translate to something along the lines of ''offal'', anyhow? [or '' gut''?] / best name of all the mince-names, there). Perhaps, if I got to the point, I could sell you a few lines about Agathocles worship (as it is what the Archagathi generally profess, you know, in life + a Sakatat cover), about all this damn beautiful noise, wild things that make my heart sing, and so on, but you gotta feel informative to be informative, and this is music to men mincing their own flesh.

Shish ke-punk (Mediafire)

Šiš panker je onaj s istetoviranom jetrom. I see I messed up a few titles (like "Archagatus"), the year, etc., so type a few new letters there if you believe it matters. Was certainly on To Live A Lie. What else? Don't know. BUT, relevant to all the Sakatat, you can check out a one-question-interview on the one-and-only Grind & Punishment.


Andrew Childers said...

i picked this one up not so long ago. that's sakatat's first recording. they were that good from beginning.

Zmaj said...

Wasn't aware of that.

Zmaj said...

That it's the first recording, I mean.