Tuesday, January 31, 2012

No Qualms (Florida, USA) - No, You Calm Down! (2011)

1. Thirst
2. Tied Down
3. Unimpressed
4. Power
5. First Cop
6. Own?
7. Church
8. Grenade
9. Scarred
10. Dark Clouds
11. No Qualms

My man Alex sent me this powerviolent as fuck mates' of his band a while ago (his link beneath; also, apparently members of Khann, Republicorpse, aaand...), and I've no qualms about my No Qualms experience. "A band of failed musicians lashing out at the society that won't listen to them," in short, but other than that, they keep on thrashing and that bass sometimes sounds like the one and only sweet shit for the soul, stuck in some Lovecraftian pit, recently buried alive, shoveled with shitloads of badly influential bands `a la Despise You, maybe even a little Man is the Bastard, and God knows what else there is as inappropriate on our Earth. Turns out, a whole load of stuff; e.g. The Police, The Police Academy (one to infinity), Robocop (not the band, but, you know, the REAL robot policeman), and the First Cop, to whom, I mean, into whom No Qualms pummel their bed-time / death-time song, all the while humming that theme from Pulp Fiction. But who is he, this First Cop? The Son of God? YOUR son? Either way, this guy, this organ, is certainly not innocent, otherwise No Qualms wouldn't have any qualms about the whole dreadful affair.

No, Despise You! (Mediafire)

Unimpressed first cop tied down scarred. Church power grenade. No qualms. Do the twist.


Shane Bywaters said...

This record is fucking good. Alex's band, Knife Hits, have a good chunk of No Qualms in the band and also fucking rips.

ABUSE said...

dis shit rules