Friday, January 20, 2012

China Syndrome (Belgium) - Demo (2008)


1. Covered in Shit
2. Feast
3. Cancer
4. Nationwide Mindfuck
5. Black Clouds
6. Cut and Paste Reality

More d-beatery from the Owen (Kasatka) camp, still keeping it interesting. ''But how?'' you might ask. ''How does one keep a band heavy on the d-beat interesting?'' Blastbeats, what else. Yet, despite the addition of the mystical blastbeat, the greasy riffs and composition in-general make China Syndrome the most traditional of the bands in this series; I'm talking about Shaken Baby (one up), Days of Desolation, and Kasatka. Thinking about what else to say, I'm feeling a bit burned out, but it better be obvious that all the bands are well worth your while - if you enjoy the sort of sound described, naturally + what do you know about the Belgian scene beside the goddamn godly gods known as Agathocles, eh? Here's a nice 'n' easy 'n' quality chance for you to learn something new!

If the blastbeat = b-beat, then what = d-beat? (Mediafire)

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