Sunday, November 20, 2011

Vipe, Downsided (USA) - Split tape (2011)

1. Racist School 00:55
2. You're Wreckt 00:22
3. Sick 00:38
4. Extinction Mastiff II 00:35
5.Fucking Skunkbone Fortress 01:00
6. A Sworded Paw II 00:40
7. About A Girl (Nirvana) 01:05
8. Lake C.D.A. Wilderness Reggie Miller 02:41
9. Spare Ribs 00:40
10. Quitter 00:35
11. Black Realm 01:00
12. Untitled 02:27
13. Re-enter the Womb 03:55

The split was only mentioned in the last post as it was uncomplete - Vipe side only. Keith was nice enough to take care of that, though, so now this one is also up in its entirety.

I've got my concrete reasons for liking Vipe. It is certain that they thrash away, but a lot of bands do. Vipe, on the other hand, is not as half-assed a band to pertain to some fairly defined restrictions in a scene with a well-established circle jerk fancy (this aspect certainly exists and I find it negative). While they do keep the unrelenting principle of the forementioned method, their approach makes for a fresh, recognizable sound, and showcases vitality somewhat reminiscent of, for example, Antioch Arrow. The main difference between this split here and the previous one is not as much a novelty as a greater conviction in thrashing, warranting an even faster endeavour. That said, their existentialist cover of Nirvana's "About a girl" is certain the best that I've ever heard!
Downsided, with the stench of sludge to their thrash, runs more along the well-trodded path of powerviolence, but everything might not be as familiar as it seems... The wonderful sort of band to haul greasy chunks of discontent at you with just as much conviction as their split-partners, but with disconcerting unease. The paradox makes the sound, and all of a sudden one faraway Idaho seems fucked up.

Harness the power of speed! (Bandcamp)