Monday, October 10, 2011

Vipe, Cat Massacre (USA) - Control Force SPLIT (2010)

1. Impostor 01:00
2. Joey, Johnny, Tommy, Dee Dee, Joel-Peter 01:12
3. Extinction Mastiff 01:21
4. Shove the White Teen Lamanites 01:21
5. I Got Shoved 00:28
6. Wuss 01:20
7. A Sworded Paw 01:35
8. Die In Rathdrum, Fucker 01:04
9. Bloodmite 01:22
Cat Massacre
10. Cat Massacre 01:06
11. Scorpion Wins 01:25
12. Drink More Eat Less 00:24
13. Jay Pfiffer 01:14
14. Ass-Phyxiation 01:28
15. Georgie 00:10
16. Candle Lit Shit 00:42
17. CxDxBxSx 01:42

Vipe & Cat Massacre made me remember hardcore punk, made me feel how much I miss hardcore punk in recent life. 'Control Force' is their out of control split CDr where both bands get to thrashing the fuck away with the same willpower that makes Adrenaline O.D. immortal; two bands holding hands, singing "Ramma lamma, fa fa fa-" or, rather, "Rock 'n' roll gas station..."

The sound of blisters bursting from corpse-painted foreheads into a sunset out of Mad Max is what Cat Massacre strives toward (Candle Lit Shit is a blackened punk hit above anything that Teen Cthulhu ever did), whereas Vipe breaks out of the hardcore closet now and then by some sort of blazing post-punk extravaganza (pay attention to 'Wuss'?!), but let's just hope that they remain an awesome punk band, never to become a pretty good U2 cover band.

Just kidding - thanks for sending, dudes.

Pump gas, kick ass. (Bandcamp)

I'm not crazy. You're the one that's crazy. Vipe broke up, but you can check out their (faster, with blastbeats) side of the Vipe / Downsided split right here.


Andrew Childers said...

i've had a really hard time getting into this one. every time i sit down to listen to it something just doesn't click with me. i can't quite pinpoint it either which is frustrating.

Zmaj said...

I assume the overall sound doesn't help much. I too couldn't really pinpoint the thing in-general, but somehow the moments clicked (like on "Wuss").

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