Friday, July 22, 2011

Blatant Self-Aggrandisement (Zalhietzli + Zugzwang Productions)

Boy has it been a long time since my last post.

So today I'm going talk to to you about two things. The first one is my solo musical project Zalhietzli.

Zalhietzli is a personal project I had in mind for several years now, and I am happy to announce its first demo release, Sainte Rita.

Zalhietzli (or ZLTZ, for short) mixes noise, ambient, loops, feedback, soundscape & various sounds manipulations. This first release contains three tracks, for 24mn. You can hear the demo in its entirety on the Bandcamp page.

The demo will be released on tape in september.

The second thing I wanted to talk to you about (that should have been the first thing but I thought that Zalhietzli cover was cooler) is my music label I started in january, Zugzwang Productions.

Zugzwang is music label dedicated to extreme & alternative music. We* release records on limited editions (max. 100 copies) on CDr and tapes, with the focus of making all of these records a special object. For each release, we design and create a packaging that is completely handmade.

Just browse the blog, and you will find pictures of our previous releases.

Zalhietzli's first demo will be released by Zugzwang on september, for a limited of 20 copies on tape.

Feel free to spread the word about these two projects, and to purchase our products !

Thank you for your attention.

*Well, "I" actually, but saying "we" sounds more pro, know what I mean ?