Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sila (Poland) - Demo Autumn 2009 (2009, eh?)

01. powietrze
02. maath-maa
03. krzycz
04. zmierzch odrodzenia
05. bydło
06. syn wisielca
Total playing time 16:48

Sila is a Polish "math rock / progressive grind" band. The description is utter nonsense seeing as the music doesn't have much to do with either genre, yet somehow it still remains pretty fucking awesome. Sufficiently retrospective, I'd think of Gorguts spread on the floor, but the math to Sila's dissonance is a fairly different deal, the best impressionist sound evaluation being certainly in regard to the Norwegian kings of dissonant death metal, Diskord. Depending on what they aim for, still seems like Sila have a long way to go, but they've already made their music a similar, beautifully disgusting thing, dragging itself on the floor, so my only complaint is more of a suggestions, really - less math, more improv, 'cause I could never enjoy Meshuggah.

Chords to the dis. (


Eyvind W. said...

Hey man, thanks for bringing my attention to Sila, I enjoyed this demo! Do you know if the band has any other releases available? Cheers, Eyvind / DISKORD.

Zmaj said...

Hey Eyvind, I don't think they have any more stuff. Here's their myspace:

Big props for Diskord.

Eyvind W. said...


(Not that it matters much, but unless you are referring to a different DISKORD, we are not from Sweden, but Norway.)

Cheers, Eyvind / The NORWEGIAN Diskord. Hehe.

Zmaj said...

Whoops, fixed. ;D

Speaking of which, would you / your label mind if I posted up Doomscapes?

Eyvind W. said...

I think the label would indeed mind, yes, so please refrain from posting a download of the album :)

Zmaj said...

Alright. :P I've had many bands condone or support the posting of their stuff, so I figured I might as well ask. It does make sense for a label, though.