Wednesday, February 2, 2011

ZaSKaE (Germany) - Chikara (2010)


1. Yoku Irasshaimashita
2. Ikari
3. Tekii Ni Motodzuku Hanzai
4. Kiri
5. Inochi No Nai
Total playing time 03:15

Heard 'em thanks to a radio show of Nigel's (his blog being Hipness as a Second Language)! ZaSKaE is a German non-stop blasting four-piece, with riffs akin to Hellnation doing a Commodore 64 SHMUP's fastcore soundtrack. The bandname is but an allusion to the name "Sasuke", the bandmembers remain anonymous, and Chikara (Japanese for "Power") is their short 'n' sweet debut, free for download at the To Live A Lie netlabel (right here). Naturally, I enjoy their pretend-Japanese aesthetic - reminds me of what me and Orfee did with KiKurachiyo.

[Click on that link above, the "right here" one leading to To Live A Lie on, for the download.]

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