Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Robocop (Maine, USA) - Demo (2009)

1. Intro / I Hope All Your Friends Die
2. Assasination Markets
3. Caucasian Big Man Power
4. Feminism Uberalles
5. Scram, Kidz!
6. Substitute Creature
7. Outro
Total playing time 12:03

Maine hybrid punx empowered by the Bastard violence, makes you wonder how no band already made claims of instant ejaculation upon Alexander James Murphy's cold, metallic touch, how no non-cyborg organically dreamt up Burroughs-style phallic flesh-guns, machine-gun-hands, the morning shaving ritual resulting with resistors & transistors on the rusty yet self-aware razor, pre- or post- Verhoeven or, uh, Shinya Tsukamoto. Anyone the least familiar with my person is also familiar with my powerless, ambivalent cyberpunk fetish, hence I cannot claim disinterest in Ryan Page's projections of allegedly rational, yet irrationally steamy sounds. Robocop is powerviolence done the old school way, but their trudgin' sludge - nervous, coarse punk juxtaposition echoes off of skyscraper windows and the blind, alienating surge of technology, despite the classic inside jokes ever-present in this vague genre.

You can get the demo here, but I also ought to mention how Randall (ANb) picked 'em up, "put out" their Robocop II full-length effort free for download over at Grindcore Karaoke + Childer's kickass review skills at Grind & Punishment.


Lukocop said...

I like this review - nice hefty adjectives - very pictorial. Thanks for giving our stuff a listen.

Andrew Childers said...

i do kick ass, don't i?

Andrew Childers said...

also totally off topic, i just posted a dxax video you should enjoy.

Zmaj said...

Lukocop: Hey, good to hear you liked it.

Andrew: How could DxAx be off topic?!

t3c said...

This is GOOOOOD!

Blown away at first listen. More in your face than the album which I'll need more time to grasp.

Thumbs up for Randall and Grindcore Karaoke, he should add 'donate' button or something to the site though.

And thumbs up for the two of you, raising the grindcore blogging bar ;) No joke

Zmaj said...

Thanks, man - very sweet of you. ;P

Anonymous said...

in your face pv genuinely very good also any info on A.D other than what you have written because they blew my mind

Zmaj said...

Uh, maybe; what's A.D.? ;D