Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Kerouac (UK) - Cold and Distant, Not Loving EP (2010)


1. Heavy Hearted
2. Lay of the Landfill
3. Little Mountains We Move
4. Pale
5. Our Fathers Guns
6. A Bastard Behind the Eyes
7. A Sheep. A Well
Total playing time 16:45

With a bandname like that, you better play some damn good bebop. Well, Kerouac’s a bit too heavy for such jazz, but I still like them. I’ll use this opportunity in order to take a dump into the genre pool; in an age where metalcore means utter shit like As I Lay Dying and Bring Me the Horizon (wait, the second one’s deathcore? no way! I insist that it’s less annoying stuff, e.g. Despised Icon), I’m supposed to call Converge
"chaotic hardcore", but I'd rather not, 'cause I don't comprehend strictly set time signatures as chaotic. So hey, I say that Kerouac is a metalcore band, and this better assume hardcore as integral. We create, we render useless all these tags, symbols, that pertain purely to a current scene, but it's got jackshit to do with the music. Yet I gave Kerouac a listen specifically because of a symbol - their name - and I didn't regret it. Young and angry, and pretty fast considering how heavy. Pretty nice! (
Their stuff can be bought on Holy Roar.)

Instead of the c/p cover art, I suggest a beatnik aesthetic, too! (Mediafire)

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gamefaced said...

i'm not into the vocals much. i listen to it and feel lack. more heavy. move faster. be 'andante'