Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Worlds (USA) - Unforeseen Paths 7" (2010)

1. Ruition
2. Diadem Purge
3. Nomadic Exile
4. Exit Visions
5. I.M.O.H.C.
6. Hectacomb
7. Snub Survival
8. Life Design
9. Tomographic Incandescence
10. Anesthetic Crutch
11. Shrouded Evacuation
Total playing time 06:23

One letter away from Japanese noisecore extravaganza "World", Worlds are almost as noisy within less than six and a half minutes of destructive motives made obvious, stepping out with the self-confidence of previous bands and a fairly brutal 56k modem sound sure to make many listeners whine their fucking heads off. Concerning the "previous bands" remark + continuing the series of Assück worshipping bands from Florida, here's one with an actual Assück member, apparently (pretty sure it's not Pavlovich, so... Heritage? I dunno; the growling's not that distinctive, regardless to the noise that the record realistically contains. Who's Spinach? A third guy?). Also, Asshole Parade, they say, but I don't know these things for sure. The 7-inch can be acquired from Vinyl Rites. EDIT: Concrete info (thanks to "skinjob" in the comment section):
"Jon from Asshole Parade on drums. Spinach sang for Assück briefly on a Euro tour. I think Paul came in to guest on the recording too if I heard correctly." Very nice!

How about that Tomographic Incadescence, eh? (Mediafire)


skinjob said...

Jon from Asshole Parade on drums. Spinach sang for Assuck briefly on a Euro tour. I think Paul came in to guest on the recording too if I heard correctly.

brutalex said...

I approve of this post.

DesiccatedVeins said...

Excellent stream of Assück worship.

Zmaj said...

skinjob: Thanks for the info, man!

Really, a lot of new bands seem to be digging Assück maadly. I invite any of you to throw more recommendations if you hear some new shit.

Anonymous said...

you stole this.

Zmaj said...

Elaborate? Is the band objecting or? It's not my rip, if that's the case.

Zmaj said...

Erm, clumsy construction. The link will be removed if the band requests it. That's not what the blog's about.

Ryan Page said...

I played a show with a hardcore band called worlds once, from new jersey I think... definitely not the same band... hahaha