Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Amputee (USA) - Demo (2010)

1. Repetitions
2. Asshole Generation
3. Problem of Evil
4. Liar
5. Time
6. No Meaning
7. Nothing
8. Destroying Existence
9. Sick and Tired
Total playing time 05:54

What's up with all the hairy, manly, silly and nonsexual love for Assück? Whatever it is, it does me well. A lot of raw, quality bands growing like some berserk form of mushroom, this time from the garden state, New Jersey. All of 'em like doing ending covers, too, but it seems like Amputee make a sort of punk statement by covering Infest's "Sick and Tired". Similar to Cellgraft, this DIY ethic and all? I can get behind that.

Music to amputate to (Mediafire)

Supposed to be a demo - kills many, many grind albums. Check out the songtitles: No Meaning, Nothing, Destroying Existence... How's that for subtle nihilism? ;D


Shane Ivezic said...

Zero Comments?!! This shit rules. Total worship assuck noise barrage. Can't wait for their first release. great post.

Zmaj said...

Hey, seconded. ;)