Monday, January 31, 2011

Birushanah & Drain the Sky (Japan & USA) - Split (2010)

birushanah & drain the sky split

1. Anagura
Drain the Sky
2. Even
3. Prelude to the Pendulum Swing Back
4. Three Winds Spread the Ashes of Our Memories
5. Failure is an Orphan When Victory Has Many Fathers
Total playing time 36:34

Birushanah is a folk sludge band if there ever was one. Also just about the fastest sludge band ever. Still, nobody in their right mind could call them anything other than just that - sludge. There's something frightening about the Japanese and their tradition, starting with the Emperor's noble samurai (see their code of conduct, Bushidō), declining inversely in parallel to industrialization, inevitably left on the backs of a few, just as "noble" madmen like Yukio Mishima (see his 1960 short story, Patriotism + the story of his life and suicide), but it goes on to this day, this (now) paradoxical devotion and excellence in art and cultural things in-general. Steeped in Japanese traditional music (most of all, rhythm), Birushanah provide but one song, Anagura, on first listen not insanely complex like their earlier works, but ultimately their most epic, exhilarating chapter in eighteen and a half minutes of a great catastrophe composed (relevantly, I wonder when Corrupted’s coming back?). Even if you don't care about extreme music or whatever, Sougyo's playing ought to fascinate any the slightest bit interesting bass player.

The other half of the release pertains to Drain the Sky, a band hailing from the States, delivering four speedy, emotionally loaded, hardcore punk-born (e.g. His Hero Is Gone) post-sludge songs (refuse to use the brand of neocrust, although others might) without the build-up-inducing intensity of Osakan folk sludge, even much less atmospherically enthralling, although exactly atmosphere is what they seem to aim for very often, but take what I say with a grain of salt ‘cause I’m certainly biased toward Birushanah’s indisputable superiority over most of contemporary extreme music (based on composition, at least / yes, riffs). The split's a joy to listen to any way I choose to put it.

Kiku! (Mediafire)

Get it on CD (S.M.D.) or 12" vinyl (Destructure).

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Worlds (USA) - Unforeseen Paths 7" (2010)

1. Ruition
2. Diadem Purge
3. Nomadic Exile
4. Exit Visions
5. I.M.O.H.C.
6. Hectacomb
7. Snub Survival
8. Life Design
9. Tomographic Incandescence
10. Anesthetic Crutch
11. Shrouded Evacuation
Total playing time 06:23

One letter away from Japanese noisecore extravaganza "World", Worlds are almost as noisy within less than six and a half minutes of destructive motives made obvious, stepping out with the self-confidence of previous bands and a fairly brutal 56k modem sound sure to make many listeners whine their fucking heads off. Concerning the "previous bands" remark + continuing the series of Assück worshipping bands from Florida, here's one with an actual Assück member, apparently (pretty sure it's not Pavlovich, so... Heritage? I dunno; the growling's not that distinctive, regardless to the noise that the record realistically contains. Who's Spinach? A third guy?). Also, Asshole Parade, they say, but I don't know these things for sure. The 7-inch can be acquired from Vinyl Rites. EDIT: Concrete info (thanks to "skinjob" in the comment section):
"Jon from Asshole Parade on drums. Spinach sang for Assück briefly on a Euro tour. I think Paul came in to guest on the recording too if I heard correctly." Very nice!

How about that Tomographic Incadescence, eh? (Mediafire)

Amputee (USA) - Demo (2010)

1. Repetitions
2. Asshole Generation
3. Problem of Evil
4. Liar
5. Time
6. No Meaning
7. Nothing
8. Destroying Existence
9. Sick and Tired
Total playing time 05:54

What's up with all the hairy, manly, silly and nonsexual love for Assück? Whatever it is, it does me well. A lot of raw, quality bands growing like some berserk form of mushroom, this time from the garden state, New Jersey. All of 'em like doing ending covers, too, but it seems like Amputee make a sort of punk statement by covering Infest's "Sick and Tired". Similar to Cellgraft, this DIY ethic and all? I can get behind that.

Music to amputate to (Mediafire)

Supposed to be a demo - kills many, many grind albums. Check out the songtitles: No Meaning, Nothing, Destroying Existence... How's that for subtle nihilism? ;D

Cellgraft (USA) - Deception Schematic (2010)

1. Aphasia 00:48
2. Acquisition Of Axiom 00:44
3. Vortex Of Aversion 00:40
4. Horizontal Vision 00:32
5. Obsolescence 00:52
6. To Achieve The Lesser Stone 01:14
7. Gestalt Paroxysm 00:07
8. Noxious Deluge 00:43
9. Prevailing Corporeal Metamorphosis 00:40
10. Progression Disintegration 00:26
11. Civilization Comes, Civilization Goes (Assuck) 00:47
Total playing time 07:25

Florida's young DIY grindcore enthusiasts (Cellgraft, namely) put out another slab of proper blasting, topping it off with a sweet, sweet cover of Assück's Civilization Comes, Civilization Goes, albeit as sparse in length as any other of their offerings (seven and something min.). Technically, this one ain't free for download as it was released as 7" on No Reprieve Records. That said, "If you want a copy of the self-titled demo or 'External Habitation' then hit up Financial Ruin Records."

What I'm doing now is, I'm doing a series of Assück worshipping bands and shit, before the seriously goddamn belated 2010 overview post.

Deceptive download link (Mediafire)

Just kidding, here it is.

P.S. I like External Habitation a bit more, but don't tell anyone. Also: S/T. Revenge.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

KRIEGSHOG- L/P 2010 Japan

Well, I was getting amped up listening to Kriegshog since Timmy posted the Chaos In Tejas line up for 2011. A side note, if any of you may have happened to move to the Untied States in the last few months maybe June would be a good time to come to Asstown. Just sayin.

This shit is raw noize dbeat from Japan.

Check also "Hardcore Hell" its raw as fuck. This newer Lp isn't quite are blisterring but it still rips. The only downside is all the songs sound the same.