Friday, December 24, 2010

Mortalized (Japan) - Absolute Mortality EP [no. 1] (2003)

mortalized absolute mortality 1

1. Destruction (Adagio)
2. Dark Side
3. Speed Satan
4. Rapture
Total running time 4:29

Notice how it's not absolute morality - it's mortality!
Fuck Christmas, anyhow, and especially masses, be they white & holy or black & upside down. But Mortalized is certainly one of the best grind bands to ever exist, owing to the uncompromisingly disciplined approach building upon the concept of speed and Satan. If grind strives for over-the-top speed inside of a physical possibility (sticks in hands, I mean), the whole aspect of "displine" is merely realizing a berserk-to-go potential by theory put to practice over time, will, work. Also, I never signed up for some dude dying for me.

And I think that you guys who did might be assholes. (Mediafire)

Orfee recently posted Absolute Mortality #2 so I figured that this one would be at least as welcome.


TheThirdChildren said...

You're gonna spoil us all :)

Zmaj said...

Well, you ARE my Third Children. ;D

shit, [urtious]

gamefaced said...

hear here.