Sunday, December 26, 2010

His Hero Is Gone-"Monuments to Thieves"-USA1997

What up folks , its been a minute since I done posted up. I saw that Wedge gave me a thumbs up on my 9shocks post so it inspired me to post something. uh, yea.

Ok, I don't think Ive posted this before, or I hope not. His Hero Is Gone were one my favorite bands ever and this is the album I like the best. These guys later became Tragedy, which I'm not into as much. What I liked about HHIG is that the combined elements of various "extreme music" styles into their punk rock, better than a lot of other bands who have tried. Their composition was technical but simple at the same time, its the perfect mix.

Seriously, I think the intro part of this album is still my favorite of all time. It's crushing when it drops, so bad ass.

The first download link is "Monuments to Thieves LP". Since it's a holiday I added "everything else" to one zip file. The bonus zip includes "15 counts of Arson LP", "Fools Gold EP", " The Plot Sickens LP" and " The Dead Of Night EP". So, other than those I think there is only comp tracks, split 12 w/ UoU and demos you will be missing.


Zmaj said...

Pretty damn ace post.

will said...

oh shit. i didn't even realize this wasn't on the pod. perfect commuting music.

throughsilver said...

Nice one! Have to admit Fifteen Counts of Arson is my favourite of theirs (its intro is just so alien!), but can't go wrong with anything this band ever did. Complete legends.

And I, too, never really got into Tragedy.