Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Rat Corpse (USA) - S/T (2010)

1. Survival Of The Worst
2. Hope This Hate (Will Never Heal)
3. Jumbled
4. My Craft Is Crap
5. Living With Yeti
6. Dirty Frenzy
7. The Ballad...
8. PS I Hate You
9. Hate You Like A Hurricane
10. My Two Dads
Total running time 22:54

"For fans of The Locust, Melt-Banana, Butthole Surfers, Wolf Eyes, Boredoms, UFO Or Die, Big Black, Holy Molar, Man Is The Bastard, Fantomas, An Albatross, Arab On Radar."

I needn't really talk more, but since I like to write just so much...

I'd exchange the infamous three blind mice for three, erm, four deaf rats any day if this was their soundtrack. Some people like nightmarish things! Rat Corpse is a disgusting quartet, and not only soundwise. I mean, not even their mothers could love those costumes. And musically, well, what sense does it make to describe a noise band with an adjective like "musically"? I mean, they do have some instruments, like a bass guitar, some synths, and drums, but.... eh? Fuck me. Fuck Boston and its rat population. Fuck Rat Corpse. But... but why do I like them? What in God's name is wrong with me? Rat Corpse, I Hate You Like A Hurricane. You stamped all over my Dreams (you know, the Cranberries song).

"Noise is not music but noise." (Megaupload) OR (Mediafire)

I read that somewhere on these idiotic internets a long time ago and it still cracks me up. I mean,

P.S. I Hate You is my favorite.


TheThirdChildren said...

I get a "The file you are trying to access is temporarily unavailable." error on megaupload for two days now.

Zmaj said...

Fuck if I know what's up, but I added a mediafire mirror up there that the band also sent me (one that, coincidentally, didn't work before [but does now], which is why it came to a megaupload link in the first place).

TheThirdChildren said...

Works. Hvala :)