Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hellnation (USA) - Dynamite Up Your Ass 12" (2002)

1 Dynamite Up Your Ass 00:39
2 Martyr 00:26
3 Game of Death 00:59
4 No More Favors 00:25
5 Um Bando De Filhos da Puta 00:26
6 Not Smooth Jazz 00:46
7 I love Punk I love Thrash 00:41
8 Outsider 00:32
9 Cold Sweat 00:39
10 Drinking With Friends 01:01
11 Dengue's Mosquito 00:27
12 Army of God 00:52
13 Punk For Dummies 00:48
14 Signup 00:29
15 Easy Sell 01:10
16 When In Rome 00:18
17 Ride With Me 00:42
18 This is Progress ? 00:32
19 Best Behavior 00:18
20 Glory Days 01:12
21 Again and Again 00:50
Total playing time 14:12

Fastcore / thrashcore defined.

And deified.

Not smooth jazz. (Mediafire)

A band from Kentucky got me into thrashing. If you don't like it, better give up on fast music altogether.


Andrew Childers said...

that seems like a very inappropriate place to keep your dynamite.

Zmaj said...

What what? In the butt?

Pascal Cretain said...

RIP Hellnation. Was a great band, never had the chance to catch them live. I saw they were playing Poland in 2009 but didn't manage to make it. Wrote to them to see if they wanted to combine with a mini-euro tour but was not possible.

Keep up the great work on your blog. I recently discovered it (MORTALIZED must 'ave been the keyword) and have found excellent material in here.

Job well done fellas. I am hereby joining the Discordance Worship Axis.

Zmaj said...

Same here. Missed them for good.

Mortalized is a good keyword, then. Very nice of you. :D