Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hellnation (USA) - Dynamite Up Your Ass 12" (2002)

1 Dynamite Up Your Ass 00:39
2 Martyr 00:26
3 Game of Death 00:59
4 No More Favors 00:25
5 Um Bando De Filhos da Puta 00:26
6 Not Smooth Jazz 00:46
7 I love Punk I love Thrash 00:41
8 Outsider 00:32
9 Cold Sweat 00:39
10 Drinking With Friends 01:01
11 Dengue's Mosquito 00:27
12 Army of God 00:52
13 Punk For Dummies 00:48
14 Signup 00:29
15 Easy Sell 01:10
16 When In Rome 00:18
17 Ride With Me 00:42
18 This is Progress ? 00:32
19 Best Behavior 00:18
20 Glory Days 01:12
21 Again and Again 00:50
Total playing time 14:12

Fastcore / thrashcore defined.

And deified.

Not smooth jazz. (Mediafire)

A band from Kentucky got me into thrashing. If you don't like it, better give up on fast music altogether.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

the Dreadful Eardrum Assault a.k.a. Teizoku Komaku Bohkoh [CAN] - Occultist for the Nullified [2007]

After listening to this recently I'm considering changing my project's name to "the Playful Eardrum Assault a.k.a Yuugiteki Komaku Bohkoh" [PxExA] because for one, I'm not nearly as comfortable strutting around a DEA t-shirt anywhere in the united states as I was In Canada, it's just not happening.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Jesus Egg & Grimsby (USA) - Split CDr (Year Zero)

Jesus Egg, Tracks 1 - 12
Grimsby, Tracks 13 - 23
Total running time 16:25

Big thanks for the release go to Kunal of SuperFi Records, as he's the one that sent it in! That said, Kunal also awesomely put out the Swarrrm / Dimlaia split, a fact that takes me way, way back (well, alright, a year and some), when Sgt. Batguano of the excellent Fugitive Equilibrium ripped the 10" for me 'cause I hadn't yet heard it at that point.

Yeah, time is an asshole for so many reasons.

The actual asshole might be me, though. But fuck time, anyhow.

So anyway, more Jesus Egg?! Not really, 'cause what you get here are the twelve tracks from the two demos that I already posted (five from one, seven from the other, but set in reverse). Doesn't matter 'cause we haven't heard the eleven Grimsby tracks, have we? We most definitely haven't.

They're a band that might share / might have shared some band members with Jesus Egg, drama actors whom I will not name out of fear for a backlash of "real life drama on the internet." They also share their bandname with a port town in England, and another town on Lake Ontario, while they play nice 'n' fast as fuck hardcore, owing its charm / anti-charm one part to the recording quality (i.e. anti-quality), the other to cool sludge trudging & thrash-a-thrashing. Powerviolent, lovely, sweet. Bring on the angry unicorns. Or the even more dangerous tricorns. Or some goddamn rhinos in the middle of their mating season, if you can't take a joke.

But what in Jaysus' name is a "Grimsby"? (Mediafire)

Rhinos, you are sweet.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Kasatka (Belgium) - Scene Slaughter Mini CD (2010)

1. Lemons
2. Cosmetic Pandemic
3. Empathy/Disability
4. Orifice
5. Surpassing the Boundaries
6. Proposition Jock Abolition
7. Scene Slaughter
Total running time 4:34

Belgium's own Kasatka start it off with a short Army of Darkness sample, a tidbit certain to make quite a few of you jump. Next thing you know, they blast the fuck away. I'll skip right to the point and point out that the band pretty much kicks (i.e. thrashes) all sorts of ass. They are, at once, a cute killer whale (known to display aggressive behavior toward humans), a Russian transport helicopter (erm, well, it's a goddamn military chopper, developed by Kamov at that, which is, coincidentally, the surname of apocalyptic prophet-poet Janko Polić Kamov of Rijeka, Croatia; oh, how I pity you for not knowing Balkan things!), and a relentless thrash band with a penchant for Japanese aesthetics.

"We are disgusted my main scene mentality, dress codes, ungrounded elitism, friendship politics and overall retardation and self-proclaimed punk attitude. Our influences range from Japanese thrashcore and Houston powerviolence to global fastcore, amongst other derivatives of the punk/hardcore spectrum, and from noise, to postrock and free jazz abroad," says Owen, the drummer.

They're a drum 'n' guitar duo, the one on drums being but eighteen still (major kudos for those blastbeats, my good man), with the guitarist some nine years older sawing off traffic lights with his guitar. Noise is nice! They both yell and they thrash in all the right ways and what else can I say!

But how can you play extreme music without super-nice haircuts? How? HOW? (Mediafire)

I just don't understand. But Owen also said: "Everything was done strictly DIY. We're aiming to build a home studio in order to piss off everyone that clings to the "music has to sound as if recorded by a tape recorder, otherwise it's not punk anymore"-concept. Front cover done by Jasper "Infested Art". Layout and stuffs by myself, no lyrics included. Limited to 50 self-produced copies," and that's cool, but watch out for becoming elitist anti-elitists! I kid, I kid... or do I? But he's definitely not joking about the DIY part, as their graphic artists and recorder (sic) Jasper, Owen's brother, is considered a bandmember judging by the info on their myspace.

Rat Corpse (USA) - S/T (2010)

1. Survival Of The Worst
2. Hope This Hate (Will Never Heal)
3. Jumbled
4. My Craft Is Crap
5. Living With Yeti
6. Dirty Frenzy
7. The Ballad...
8. PS I Hate You
9. Hate You Like A Hurricane
10. My Two Dads
Total running time 22:54

"For fans of The Locust, Melt-Banana, Butthole Surfers, Wolf Eyes, Boredoms, UFO Or Die, Big Black, Holy Molar, Man Is The Bastard, Fantomas, An Albatross, Arab On Radar."

I needn't really talk more, but since I like to write just so much...

I'd exchange the infamous three blind mice for three, erm, four deaf rats any day if this was their soundtrack. Some people like nightmarish things! Rat Corpse is a disgusting quartet, and not only soundwise. I mean, not even their mothers could love those costumes. And musically, well, what sense does it make to describe a noise band with an adjective like "musically"? I mean, they do have some instruments, like a bass guitar, some synths, and drums, but.... eh? Fuck me. Fuck Boston and its rat population. Fuck Rat Corpse. But... but why do I like them? What in God's name is wrong with me? Rat Corpse, I Hate You Like A Hurricane. You stamped all over my Dreams (you know, the Cranberries song).

"Noise is not music but noise." (Megaupload) OR (Mediafire)

I read that somewhere on these idiotic internets a long time ago and it still cracks me up. I mean,

P.S. I Hate You is my favorite.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Mortalized [JPN] - Absolute Mortality #2 [2004]

I hear there's some funky good grindcore on this blog [some of the time], I also hear every single form of life in this galaxy think that MCDs are cute and it don't get any cuter than MCDs with pentagrams on them.