Thursday, October 21, 2010

Phone Home (USA) - S/T EP (2010)

1. Meds
2. Cozy Attack
3. Two is a Crew
4. Panda

Here's the super-nice, chill as fuck "debut of the Vallarelli brothers of suburban and urban New York." The Michael of the bros is on synths + keys, while the John is on the kit, and together they Phone Home and yell like a much bigger band. Seems like enjoying punk rawk is a requirement for all things Cephalochromoscope. They do that too, irrelevantly.

Fairly difficult to tag (/unnecessarily pigeonhole), contrasting the minimalist number of band members, the music (and Michael said this himself) is maximalist and (this say I: it is also) properly flowin'. "Rich piano harmonies, warm synth washes and relentlessly driving percussion," seals the whole descriptive part of the deal, really. Unlike shitloads upon shitloads of generic, cold, empty post-rock bands, these two dudes pull off a warmth that makes one want to roast a bunch of chestnuts and be extra nice to his/her mom for the rest of the evening. The non-threatening shouting (it's how it feels when friends yell greetings at you) on "Cozy Attack" reminds me of a most excellent French post-rock duo, John Makay (those two are more classically drums + guitar based, but just as awesome). Is there like an awesome band that pulls more of this sort of stuff (with determined yelling, howling, shouting) off that I've not yet heard of? Sweet stuff, really.

If that sounds up your alley, stuff's free and all right here.


DesiccatedVeins said...

Hmmm... Even after reading your review, I'm still not sure what this is going to sound like. Guess I'll give it a try & find out.

Zmaj said...

Jeez, don't call it a review. I'll feel bad for writing naively and carelessly.