Monday, October 11, 2010

John Coltrane (USA) - Olé (Coltrane) (1961)



The Night Has A Thousand Eyes



Dahomey Dance


Original Untitled Ballad (To Her Ladyship)

Total running time 1:07:44

While it certainly makes sense to proclaim how title tracks have little relevance to reviewing a jazz record (or doing about anything jazz-related), you'll forgive me 'cause I chiefly write nonsense anyway. However, might the intention count, at least? I try to blurt impressions, so how come it feels like the primeval act of farting? Hey, Dolphy got to play on this one, namely 'cause he "was able to circumvent contractual obligations to the Prestige label by using the 'George Lane' pseudonym." See, that's what you call a cool cat, doing it all for the Jazz.

So, how do you describe jazz? Well, here's a transcription of Freddie Hubbard's trumpet solo on "Aisha": Dee-dooo-dooo-dee-doo-doodoo-doodoooo-deedloo-dee-dee-doDEEEE-doo-doo-DOO-DOODOODEEDLY-DEEDLYDEEDLYDOO-dee-doodle-deedle-doodledoodledeedledeedoodeedledood-deedledoodledood-dee-doodoo-dee-dooo-deedoo-doo...

Enjoy the Coltrane, kids. (Mediafire)

I mean, he's dead anyway. This is from the presumably wonderful Heavyweight Champions 7CD collection, the one that encompasses all of Trane's recordings on Atlantic, which makes - I'm pretty sure - this Olé the Olé with the most tracks (7). Tracks 1 - 3 were recorded on October 26th, 1960, while tracks 4 to 7 (meaning the original Olé Coltrane) did the same on May 25th, 1961, both at Atlantic Studios, New York City. All of 'em written by John Coltrane, except for number two, "The Night Has A Thousand Eyes", by Buddy Bernier and Jerry Brainin.

Personnel for the original Olé, recorded May, 1961 (tracks 4 - 7):
  • John Coltrane – soprano sax "Olé", tenor sax on "Dahomey Dance" and "Aisha"
  • Eric Dolphy (credited as "George Lane") – flute on "Olé" and "To Her Ladyship", alto sax on "Dahomey Dance" and "Aisha"
  • Freddie Hubbard – trumpet
  • McCoy Tyner – piano
  • Reggie Workman – bass
  • Art Davis – bass on "Olé" and "Dahomey Dance"
  • Elvin Jones – drums


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DesiccatedVeins said...

"The Night Has a Thousand Eyes" is quite possibly the most metal Coltrane song title ever.

Zmaj said...

I figure that's alright, or at least better than being the jazziest metal songtitle. :)

Lucas said...

Fuck yeah man, Olé is probably my favorite Coltrane album!