Monday, October 25, 2010

324 (Japan) - DEMO Tape (1997)

1. Lowest Level
2. New Rotation
3. MOC
4. Melting Way
5. Cobalt
6. Glenghost
Total running time 8:15

Continuing the War on Ignorance About Grind Demos™, here's 324's 1997 tape, a release just as excellent as anything that came later, really, a thing not that surprising considering the near-identical line-up. However, notice the info on the cover! Masao Yamamoto, certainly among the most continuously resolute vocalists in punk, did not only yell here, but also played bass. Rumor has it, though, that 324 lost one of their members, got a new one. Could anyone fill me in and all; precisely what is up? I only heard this from Mr. Childers and I do not read Decibel (or any other music magazine, for that matter), so I have no means of checking out the interview in question.

But they've been relentlessly blasting away to this very day! (Mediafire)

And how awesome is that cover art? I guess you really can't separate the people of Japan and gigantic mechas.


DesiccatedVeins said...

That was the only issue of Decibel I've ever purchased, and that only because it was the grindcore issue (the DA retrospective was actually pretty cool.)

If I ever find the issue, I can scan the 324 article if you'd like; I think that the member they replaced was their vocalist (!) but I could be wrong, since it's been like a year and a half or something since I read it. Hopefully someone else still has their copy of it so they can be more accurate.

DesiccatedVeins said...
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Zmaj said...

Sure man, if you ever feel like scanning, I'd love seeing the thing (cannot help mentioning that this also goes for that DxAx retrospective, although it may go without saying!). Grind (well, DxAx) fans are best fans.

brutalex said...

Yes! Thanks for upping this, can't wait to get my digital hands on it.

And yeah that retrospective is the best thing they've yet to publish. The Inalienable Dreamless came in #12 on that 100 best albums of the century(or decade?) thing. Right under Torche's Meanderthal... what?

Orthodoxyn said...


Zmaj said...

Alex, I can't even comprehend what you just told me. Who in their right mind would rank a band without blastbeats above a band WITH BLASTBEATS? I MEAN FUCK.

Flesh Monolith said...

badass dude, thanks for sharing.

I think I'm happier since I stopped reading music magazines, the stupidity and favours were overwhelming. Now I know Revolver's different than Decibel, bu their 100 heaviest bands ever was awesome. Obituary was like 97 and Nirvana was 17- go figure! I think Zeppelin was 1, what a load of shit.

Andrew Childers said...

do you doubt my veracity, sir?
and i think nigel's right about it being the singer. but i dumped all my back issues about six months ago before i moved.