Saturday, July 31, 2010

Exp (Usa) - Exp (1996)

Guts Of Darkness is an awesome french-speaking website dedicated to dark and experimental music. How much awesome ? Well, I could go into a boring namedropping session of all the stuff it made me discover, but I'll just say one : Discordance Axis.

Yep, that's right. Eternal gratitude.

It also made me discover this gem : Exp. This is their first and only album from 1996. The line-up includes Paris and Rozz Williams from Christian Death. As I have never gace a listen to this band, I have no idea if the two sound similar. All I can say is that Exp is qualified as "experimental indus ethno gothic jazz" on G.O.D. Bless you.

Quite an accurate description actually, mostly because I have no idea on how to describe it myself.

Like, at all.

All kind of words come to my mind when I listen to it. Smoke. Travels. A setting sun. That Stephen king novel about fog. The Orient. Static noise in the voice of a child. Heathen rituals. And yet none of them seems to nail it.

Seriously, it's been like a month or two since I've first planned to post it, but I could not put myself into writing a goddamn article about it. Then I realized people probably cared more about the music than what I could write about it. So finally, here it is.

Ne me quitte pas.


Zmaj said...

The "filth" tag properly describes the heavy noir(e) atmosphere on this one. Stuff's great.

kreas said...

awesome post guys...thx for this!!!!

Zmaj said...

The Brel cover fucking kills.