Sunday, July 11, 2010

Deride & Minus [JPN & SIN] - Split EP [2000]

Where's Ella Fitzgerald when you need her? Ambulance brake oil and ice packs don't quite cut it. You reap whatever cloud seeds you sow, I suppose. I read this EP is out of print so, enjoy the little things.


Andrew Childers said...

i don't know what "localist no attribute attack" means, but i think i need more of it.

Zmaj said...



orfee said...

Andrew, this is the only stuff I own, I got some Ella Fitzgerald though ;)


Zmaj said...

Hey, I suck, I never really used IOC codes, jus' what I liked. For Singapore I've got [SGP] and shit. Admittedly, I'd probably fix the stuff if I cared enough. Might happen, who knows.

- Karlochu