Tuesday, June 22, 2010

V/A - Face To Face - Bounty Killer & Beenie Man [JAM/1994]

You shouldn't judge a book by its cover, this goes for music albums as well. Sometimes the back will give you a better idea but don't let a self-absorbed blurb or the color pink fool you either.

Disclaimer: Cephalochromoscope does not advocate violence towards any gender, race or group.

Sub-disclaimer: orfee* does advocate parrot violence towards any gender, race or group.
Parrots are cute, righteous and have an instinctive appreciation for grindcore, therefore they should be allowed to assault whomever they deem fit, especially politicians and poets.

*orfee is a writer type who's discriminated against for his untrimmed beard and musical tastes and also once felt victim to Moluccan Cockatoo violence. He has seen his work published in his short-lived elementary school paper and on various Facebook™ walls. He likes to wear x-large t-shirts and currently lives either on his sister's couch or in rush hour.

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