Tuesday, June 29, 2010

V/A - The Bunny 'Striker' Lee Story [JAM/2004]

Here's to a double posting day, this the third birthday I've spent/been at the cephalochromoscope, you can tell I'm very old by the way I've spent it, scanning glossy paper all afternoon and passing out by 21hrs. I hope you guys all like Bunny Lee, you can get this compilation for very cheap, lots of interesting stuff, four CDs massive.

Best birthday ever, by the way, thank you Valérie, I love you :)

*bunny hugs & captain kisses*


gamefaced said...

how did i not notice that when you typed it? ditto.


orfee said...

Because I edited it on Wednesday.

gamefaced said...

sneaky 'resseck' (redneck w/a lisp).

Gordman said...

This shit is JUST as rad as the Studio 1 kings stuff yous posted.
Discordance Axis

orfee said...

Blessed, Gordman.

"madis" [midas in redneck].

Anonymous said...

Give thanks for the Bunny Striker Lee story. Bunny Lee is also part of the foundation of reggae music forma the beginning.If the Man is interested, here is a rare and classic bunny lee interview from jamaica where Bunny Lee talks about it all.
Jah guide & protect.