Friday, June 11, 2010

Trencher [UK] - Lips [2006]

Trencher is a three piece grindcore band with drums, bass and a casio synth. They sound and make videos like this :

and this :

I know, I know. Suddenly, your whole of scale of values concerning good, evil, morality, fashion, society and grindcore is shattered. Don't worry, it did the same for me when I discovered them.

This is their first album, "Lips", clocking at 24:26. They're working on a second one called "All Suffering... Soon To End", from which you can hear a raw preview here.

What more can i say ? That they sound like a pack of wild rats, hungrily willing to tear and feast on your flesh ? That said rats came from the net of sewers crawling under the hill, where lay the ruins of that haunted Fun Park at the edge of the city where all the clowns misteriously turned into maniac murderers some day, and burnt the whole place to the ground ? That their hysterical laughs could still be heard, over the deafening roars of the flames and the spastic explosions of toxic waste drums secretely stocked by the Army in the Ghost House, probably for some gruesome experimentations on the unwitting population ? And that they... huh... they, er, are voodoo... and shit like that, you know.

Well, you get the idea.

Nightmares on Ceph' St.


gamefaced said...

i am relieved there were no clowns in the videos.

Zmaj said...

Trencher is the creepiest grind band ever! The "Nightmares on Crack St." video reminds me of Philip K. Dick's Lies Inc. (/ The Unteleported Man). As in, those "aliens" on Whale's Mouth. Can't remember what they were called at the moment, though.

thus spoke captchathustra: "claus"