Tuesday, June 29, 2010

V/A - The Bunny 'Striker' Lee Story [JAM/2004]

Here's to a double posting day, this the third birthday I've spent/been at the cephalochromoscope, you can tell I'm very old by the way I've spent it, scanning glossy paper all afternoon and passing out by 21hrs. I hope you guys all like Bunny Lee, you can get this compilation for very cheap, lots of interesting stuff, four CDs massive.

Best birthday ever, by the way, thank you Valérie, I love you :)

*bunny hugs & captain kisses*

Mondo Gecko & Time of My Life (Israel & Slovakia) - Split 7" (2010)

Mondo Gecko
1. Haifa
2. Unemployed Lucifer
3. Psychosis To Control
4. Trawsko
5. Empty Kofola Bottles
Time of My Life
1. People Make My Dad Mad!
2. You Really Annoy Me
3. U Nás Doma
Total playing time 13:22

This Urban Decay episode, Israel teams up with Slovakia to bring the punk.

Mondo Gecko (Tel Aviv, Israel) play pretty fast; perhaps on skateboards, perhaps not. I gotta say, they're probably among my favorite lizard-worshiping bands, alongside, erm, Nile. Frantically picked riffs reminisce of quality crossover thrash, and one might find himself wondering whether it was the band or a corn kernel that just popped. Audio aside, they've put a lot of trivia on their myspace, including what their lyrics deal about + the actual lyrics (same with Time of My Life), which I like seeing.

"Our lyrics deal with mental health, fantasy and imagination, ganja and the everyday life in a small isolated country in which way too many people are named "AVI"."

Now, that's what they say. What if Mondo Gecko is actually a bunch of cultist reptiles out to get David Icke? Gotta stay alert, man.

The guys from Time of My Life (Vysoké Tatry, Slovakia) would like to talk to you about their (punk as fuck) feelings. While thrashing, naturally. Being so goddamn childish, punk rock knows no bounds. Time of My Life is catchy and rather memorable, just like an obnoxious child. Here, check out some lyrics: "Blah. Blah, blah, blah. Blah, blah, blah, blah-blah-blah, blaaah." I'm not even joking. It's like they're deliberately trying to get on your nerves, but end up giving you the time of your life. I mean, how does that even work? I don't know, but it does. So, uh... Ever thought about having children? Now's the time.

I want your babies. All of them. (Mediafire)

Someone was industrious enough to scan every piece of the release and put it up on discogs. Nice!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

V/A - Face To Face - Bounty Killer & Beenie Man [JAM/1994]

You shouldn't judge a book by its cover, this goes for music albums as well. Sometimes the back will give you a better idea but don't let a self-absorbed blurb or the color pink fool you either.

Disclaimer: Cephalochromoscope does not advocate violence towards any gender, race or group.

Sub-disclaimer: orfee* does advocate parrot violence towards any gender, race or group.
Parrots are cute, righteous and have an instinctive appreciation for grindcore, therefore they should be allowed to assault whomever they deem fit, especially politicians and poets.

*orfee is a writer type who's discriminated against for his untrimmed beard and musical tastes and also once felt victim to Moluccan Cockatoo violence. He has seen his work published in his short-lived elementary school paper and on various Facebook™ walls. He likes to wear x-large t-shirts and currently lives either on his sister's couch or in rush hour.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Shenkin Punx (Israel) - Shnataim Shel Tzarot (2009)

1. PTICHA BAHASHECHA (An opening in darkness)
2. TIPSHUT VE HAZNACHA (Stupidity and neglect)
3. MOTZETZ BEHATZLACHA (Sucking in success)
4. KRICHA AL GOAL NEFESH (Wrapping over disgust)
5. ISHTECHA HI REFESH NACH MITACHAT LASMICHA (Your wife is slime resting under the blanket)
6. HATUNA SMECHA (Happy wedding)
7. SHIR AL SUS (A song about a horse)
8. MAUS (Disdained)
9. BHILA VARAAD (Sickness and shivering)
10. YAAR AD (Ever-forest)
11. OCHEL MIPACHAD (Eating out of fear)
12. YELED CHAD (Sharp boy)
13. GUF HIMUM (Heating element)
14. OYEV ARUM (Naked enemy)
15. YOM AKUM (Skewed day)
16. TIMTUM (Dumbness)
17. TSRACHOT MECHURBANOT (Shitty screams)
18. BANOT ME'ANYENOT (Interesting girls)
Total playing time 32:45
[Thanks to Gutzy for providing the tracklist with songtitle translations.]

Anyway, the Shenkin Punx form a fairly unique punk rock four-piece right off Shenkin St. in Tel Aviv, Israel. The download link was provided to me by Urban Decay Records, among other pretty uploads.

"Shenkin St. is one of the most popular streets in Tel Aviv, either for shopping or just for a coffee or light lunch. The street is full of shops and cafés, some more expensive and some less. Many Israeli designers have small shops there, whether as groups or if they are successful, their own private place. Whether you are looking for a smart suite or presents for your children, you will have a wide selection on this street."

Thus, in the tradition inherent to their bandname, the Shenkin Punx play in a way that you can't be sure whether they're spouting some serious rock 'n' roll wisdom, or merely poking fun at you. The guitar is underlined with classic, optimistic punk melody, and the song structures possess a remarkable flow considering how dynamic a thing these guys are able to pull off. One of the deal-sealers is definitely "Orel Reich", the vocalist. This guy sounds like he's stuck in a loop of minor mental breakdowns, going from a talkative, nice guy with a velvety high-pitched voice, getting progressively more existentially disoriented and downright angry, resulting in a Tsukasa Harakawa-style burst - nervous, convulsive screaming, as if there's an unbearable cramp constantly after his stomach.

Pigeonholed and simply put, they're something like a weird Propagandhi.

But not really. (Mediafire)

Considering the cover art, I'm still trying to figure out whether there is really some sort of penis involved, or are those just my perverse thought patterns that needn't (never ever) be observed through an actual cephalochromoscope.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Csihás Benö (Serbia) - Cyber Dark - Trade Mark (2008)

1. Prošlost (00:46)
2. Ko Još Brine? (00:44)
3. Pevaš Li Još Uvek? (01:13)
4. Zašto? (00:19)
5. Polja Mržnje (00:52)
6. To Si Ti (00:40)
7. Sada Je Već Previše! (00:40)
8. Bodjoši (00:47)
9. 123 (00:16)
10. Cyber Dark (00:41)
11. Debele Gotičarke (00:39)
Total playing time 07:34

Csihás Benö is a four-man crew from Sombor, Serbia, probably the first band in the Balkans to pull-off downright Spazzcore powerviolence, start-stop thrashing, irregular time signatures and all that goes with it. I had already introduced them on this very blog about twenty years ago, but Doca (vocals) recently told me to go ahead and post this one in its entirety if I want to.

Cyber Dark - Trade Mark is their first album; right now, the second album being already out for quite a while on Deathmutt Records, two other split records are also on their way. Their lyrics can be fairly sarcastic, picking on the scene in true powerviolence fashion (among other things), or totally positive, as in an ode to Csihás Benö - who was the mayor of Sombor in the late 19th century - and his love for the environment.

"Csihás Benö sadio bodjoše,
Hvala ti, hvala ti,
Hvala ti Csiháse...
Što si sadio bodjoše!"

It's damn cool to hear powerviolence around these parts in general. I assume that you guys in the States wouldn't understand 'cause of the genre's abundance, but over here, it's a somewhat refreshing thing, and YOU CAN SAY THAT AGAIN.

Dark Mark Cybertrade? (Mediafire)

P.S. I was at a Wormrot gig this Sunday in Ljubljana, Slovenia (they almost did a gig in Rijeka, too, but that option sadly fell through for a number of reasons, although I had already taken care of the equipment). The guys were super nice and seemed overjoyed when I told them that I was from Cephalochromoscope (Grind & Punishment was also mentioned in relation to the Abuse reissue and all that), resulting in several silly attempts of pronouncing "cephalochromoscope". And, erm, as all of you are expecting to hear: yes, they kick as much ass live as on the album.

P.P.S. A new 鞠螺千世 (KiKurachiyo) release is currently in the making and it is different. DxAx fans watch out.

Monday, June 14, 2010

the Dreadful Eardrum Assault a.k.a. Teizoku Komaku Bohkoh [CAN/JPN] - 即興に演奏する 演算手順 [2010]

I met Matsui a.k.a. elmos a.k.a. el mosquito on Hotline's old guy's punk server back in what must've been 2001. To my sketchy memory he's the first individual besides myself who showed a genuine appreciation for the noisemaking I made, make. After a few collaborations over the years I asked him to let me put his name on the DEA's rooster [I never asked Rod, if anyone is wondering] and he gladly accepted. He's a sound engineer living in Kyoto, Japan, who can generate noise oscillations from mathematical equations and I make music by instinct so, I couldn't have found a better partner in noise even if I'd pay one. I'm really grateful that this partnership is still going on, I told him I wanted to compile some of our noize to an album like, two or three years ago, better late than never as they say.

Matsui-sama also writes field guides to mathematical structures, I recommend checking it out to perfect your general knowledge or to look at the pictures [like I do].

A big shout out goes to Shunsuke, it's been a while!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Trencher [UK] - Lips [2006]

Trencher is a three piece grindcore band with drums, bass and a casio synth. They sound and make videos like this :

and this :

I know, I know. Suddenly, your whole of scale of values concerning good, evil, morality, fashion, society and grindcore is shattered. Don't worry, it did the same for me when I discovered them.

This is their first album, "Lips", clocking at 24:26. They're working on a second one called "All Suffering... Soon To End", from which you can hear a raw preview here.

What more can i say ? That they sound like a pack of wild rats, hungrily willing to tear and feast on your flesh ? That said rats came from the net of sewers crawling under the hill, where lay the ruins of that haunted Fun Park at the edge of the city where all the clowns misteriously turned into maniac murderers some day, and burnt the whole place to the ground ? That their hysterical laughs could still be heard, over the deafening roars of the flames and the spastic explosions of toxic waste drums secretely stocked by the Army in the Ghost House, probably for some gruesome experimentations on the unwitting population ? And that they... huh... they, er, are voodoo... and shit like that, you know.

Well, you get the idea.

Nightmares on Ceph' St.

Monday, June 7, 2010

A·D [USA] - Eponymous [1993]

If we wait long enough "rapcore" might get back into "fashion", who's to say? However, lyrics about the "New World Order" [and how it SUCKS] will remain forever fresh.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Prefuse 73 [USA] - Preparations [2007]

So this is my first post on Cephalochromoscope. Better not screw this up.

I mean, this time, with total autonomy and free speech. I'm an established contributor. No more Balkanic Omnipotent Grind-Crazed Overlord to monitor my thoughts. No more castrating censorship or fear of refusal. No more endless hours at night, in my bed, blank stare, jaw stressed, the laptop by my side, waiting for the o so sacred mail confirming the publication of my modest contribution to the holy chamber of the blogosphere's highest realms.

Countless hours of exhausting scanning, file renaming, archiving and uploading left my body drained from all energy like an old wrinkled pile of dry flesh, and finally, there it is. The article is posted. My article. The tears of joy and relief flowing from my eyes make colors and shapes all blurry, but still I can recognize the cover art, and decipher some words : "... It sounds even a little short, but hey, it's better than being bored by the last 20mn of a 70mn track. " (Wow, did I seriously wrote this ? Man, it's bad).

And when I can finally turn the computer off, take a shower, eat something and get back to normal life again, there's still that's terrifying little voice whispering in my ears.

So, watcha postin' next, hm ? som'thing better, right ? Y'know you can't let it down, you have a reputation to keep now dude.

And the circle goes on and it's like a fucking drug and sometimes I'm so scared I wish I could take the first plane for Greenland or Peru or dig a hole to the center of the Earth and run and hide from it all but I know they'd find me no matter what and they'd do things to me I don't even want to think about so I go on.

First article. Better NOT screw this up.

I could play it safe and post an obscure LP release of an even more obscure grindcore band from a third-world country, and state how limited and rare this is, but how they sounded even better on that even more limited/rare/obscure first record on tape with their previous drummer, which I'm totally never gonna post just to show how kvlt and trve I am.

You know what ? Screw this. Have some Hip-Hop.

This is Prefuse 73's "Preparations", released in 2007 on Warp Records. This is a double album, the first one, "Preparations", being Abstract Hip-Hop/Electronica and the second one, "Interregnums", Orchestral/Ambiant. This is good stuff that makes me feel all happy and funky in the inside. Hope you like it too. (> ^3^)>

Prefuse (1)73(.58 Mb)