Sunday, May 9, 2010

Powercup (Canada) - Renovate at all Cost (2010)

1) intro
2) billy mays
3) unlicensed
4) 3 puces et quart
5) bob vila
6) renophobia
7) ballad of the sawdust
8) dry
9) tim allen
10) beer schnapps
11) lunch break
12) renovate to skate
13) weld fast or die
14) power drill
15) bob the builder
16) plywood
Total playing time 19:30

Frank (from the band) says that they "play a mix of oldschool Quebec vibe grindcore with a mix of powerviolence here and there. All about Renovative nonsense," so if his description made you think of Mesrine on a punk, that is, powerviolence kick, that's a fairly correct assumption and you deserve a Medal of Grind. Powercup is a drill-happy Montrealese construction trio with a paradoxical penchant for destructive blasting, although construction work is heavy shit in its own right. Naturally, there's a lot of dirty chugga chugga iron balls penetrating the thinness of your tympanic membrane, but also many a blastbeat, thank Billy Mays, Tim Allen, Bod the Builder, Robert J. "Bob" Vila, and the rest of the Construction God Pantheon. All in all, we're in for some rough, punk as fuck, bass-heavy grind.

"Smash the tellie
Throw out the couch
Gotta make room
So I can skate in my house"

- Renovate to Skate

Build to Skate (2shared)

That said, Frank mentioned that Powercup will be releasing a split with D9.

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