Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Monno (Switzerland) - Error (2005)

Another awesome, obscure, mindfuckacious contribution from the ever-contributive Jyb (yup, from Cadillacs & Dinosaurs). So give your thanks to Jyb, especially for the expansive-as-a-goddamn-ocean scanning job!

"At first there's noise. Noise oozing from every speaker, every hole, every crevice. Noise flooding, dripping, crawling, with pounding in the distance. Noise that takes the shape of a punk song, a binary abortion of a song. Songs that stumble in mid-course like a plane crashing in clouds. Voices made out of larsen. Noise that tides out, letting songs breath for a moment. Letting them throw up all the distortion that had dampened their lungs for so long. Noise that tides in and floods everything back. Noise and rhythm fucking. Noise printed on an A5 booklet. Noise that goes on, and on, and on, and on.

Album art by Dennis Tyfus: http://www.ultraeczema.com

vidimo se

"Vidimo se" means "à plus tard" means "see you" means... (Médiafeu)


moju said...

Monno are from Switzerland, not from France.

Zmaj said...

Whoops, right. Thanks.