Saturday, May 29, 2010

BARF [MTL] - Ignorance Chaos Suicide [1993]

Blasting All Rotten Fuckers enjoyed a form of success within the Quebec music scene with their hit single "Le Petit Poisson" from the 1992 full-length album "Tumulte" and judging from this 2005 video people haven't forgotten [coincidentally a "Back From The Grave" DVD was released the same year]. There isn't any info on them on wikipedia but they have a facebook page. Any who, I got a plastic wrapped CD in the mail last night from San Diego [sigh] and can't seem to stop listening to it, it brings back memories of morning bus ride to high school, walkmans and tape cassettes. I realize I'm being nostalgic and emotional but this recording is as good as any classic, perfect length clocking in under half an hour leaving you wanting for more. Thrashing hardcore with metallic reflections, I hear [and see] Dirty Rotten Imbeciles influences and euhm, other things too but you be the judge, just don't say you don't like it because a nice "va chier, s'tie" will be waiting.

Hopefully the guys from BARF won't mind me, I'm not the luckiest of person in those regards, sometimes there's a reason for what's available or not on the intrawebs, but some benevolent soul made me a dub tape fifteen years ago, and I think kids in, let's say Croatia, the UK, Texas or France should know about our province's folklore, look at it as me paying back a favor... If they do mind, you can find me in front of the Foufounes Électriques on Wednesdays and Fridays between 8:15 and 8:25 AM, to hand me a letter of cease and desist, not beat me up, I'll be the guy with the broom, dust pan and beard.

Most songs are in french, so let me finish this post with an annoted translation;

Wo Wo Tabarnak [Whoa Whoa Tabernacle*]

"I did not eat
I have no money
I look for bottles [empties]
I don't have welfare
I don't have unemployment [benefit]

whoa whoa tabernacle
if this is living
whoa whoa tabernacle
I'd rather die

you look for a job
they don't want you
you have long hair
or nicely clipped
these are nothing
but prejudices

whoa whoa tabernacle
if this is living
whoa whoa tabernacle
I'd rather die

all this money
invested by
the government

in armament
and I say that
while I beg."

*Cuss words in Quebec have their roots in the catholic church, along with chalice and wafer, tabernacle are the most commonly used cusses, they can all be translated to "fuck", "shit" or "daymn".


orfee said...

This shit is grinding as well, there.

orfee said...

Grindish, you know what I means, ah va donc chier s'tie!

gamefaced said...

tir groupé

cory said...

i use to see steph,the guitarist all the time at shows in montreal,,i think his name is steph its only been 15 years,ive drank and done lots of dope since then,,,lmfao,,but ive seen them live,,and u wana talk about a huge pit,,they for some reason had a huge following there,,

orfee said...

So I take it you've been around the foufounes électriques quite a few times.