Saturday, May 29, 2010

BARF [MTL] - Ignorance Chaos Suicide [1993]

Blasting All Rotten Fuckers enjoyed a form of success within the Quebec music scene with their hit single "Le Petit Poisson" from the 1992 full-length album "Tumulte" and judging from this 2005 video people haven't forgotten [coincidentally a "Back From The Grave" DVD was released the same year]. There isn't any info on them on wikipedia but they have a facebook page. Any who, I got a plastic wrapped CD in the mail last night from San Diego [sigh] and can't seem to stop listening to it, it brings back memories of morning bus ride to high school, walkmans and tape cassettes. I realize I'm being nostalgic and emotional but this recording is as good as any classic, perfect length clocking in under half an hour leaving you wanting for more. Thrashing hardcore with metallic reflections, I hear [and see] Dirty Rotten Imbeciles influences and euhm, other things too but you be the judge, just don't say you don't like it because a nice "va chier, s'tie" will be waiting.

Hopefully the guys from BARF won't mind me, I'm not the luckiest of person in those regards, sometimes there's a reason for what's available or not on the intrawebs, but some benevolent soul made me a dub tape fifteen years ago, and I think kids in, let's say Croatia, the UK, Texas or France should know about our province's folklore, look at it as me paying back a favor... If they do mind, you can find me in front of the Foufounes Électriques on Wednesdays and Fridays between 8:15 and 8:25 AM, to hand me a letter of cease and desist, not beat me up, I'll be the guy with the broom, dust pan and beard.

Most songs are in french, so let me finish this post with an annoted translation;

Wo Wo Tabarnak [Whoa Whoa Tabernacle*]

"I did not eat
I have no money
I look for bottles [empties]
I don't have welfare
I don't have unemployment [benefit]

whoa whoa tabernacle
if this is living
whoa whoa tabernacle
I'd rather die

you look for a job
they don't want you
you have long hair
or nicely clipped
these are nothing
but prejudices

whoa whoa tabernacle
if this is living
whoa whoa tabernacle
I'd rather die

all this money
invested by
the government

in armament
and I say that
while I beg."

*Cuss words in Quebec have their roots in the catholic church, along with chalice and wafer, tabernacle are the most commonly used cusses, they can all be translated to "fuck", "shit" or "daymn".

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cephalochromoscope embodied in ink.

Fuck yeah, 'scopers, this is the long-lost Lord Grimm, briefly dropping by to show off my new tattoo. I'll be back to posting weird shit soon for you to download and discard frowningly into an electric bin soon, as my studies are done and I have time to relax. I love to relax.


See you at MDF - I'll be the slightly lost-looking Englishman in a black beanie and massive trousers. Buy me a drink and I'll show you my accent!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Cephalochromoscopology is constantly developing [French notice]

Jyb's on board the blog now! I'm fairly certain that most of the regulars here know who I'm talking about, 'cause all the releases he contributed kicked fairly huge amounts of ass, and especially, ESPECIALLY, the first one. He's from France, suggesting that the French-speaking part of the staff is trying to take over Cephalochromoscope, or something of the sort.

Naturally, Jyb is also a Discordance Axis fanboy and a SHMUP lover, but I doubt that anyone thought differently. That said, he also takes part in a few (predominantly) grind projects, such as Caddillacs & Dinosaurs and Claustrophobic Decapitation.

Hello, Jyb! :D

Monday, May 24, 2010

Unholy Grave [JPN] & Pretty Little Flower [USA] - Harmonized/Fist Of Concrete Justice Split EP [2005]

In an ultimate round-less bout to decide who shall be the holiest of hollies on this May twenty-fourth holy day, I cast my chant of partisanship for the Queen. What better way to do so than with legendary grindcore superstars Unhory Glave, and Pretty Little Flower, because if your inner nerd isn't already aware, Frank Faerman also drummed for Insect Warfare. I had to mess up the sleeve, for your very own viewing pleasure, on this sold out thousand copies gatefold EP that don't unfold flat. We all have to make sacrifices for our beloved royalty, I myself grew up with Elizabeth II, we gazed at ourselves age from coins reflections, like families do and I would humbly follow her blindly to the darkest depths of parliament proroguing..

Gulf Coast God Grinds the Queens!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hellnation [USA] - Your Chaos Days Are Numbered [1998]

I used to have War of the Worlds-inspired nightmares as a child... but then again, who hasn't?

Thursday, May 20, 2010

King Tubby [JAM] - Declaration Of Dub [2002]

Uneven but nice compilation I got for six canadian dollars, some stuff I never heard too, shame on me for pretending that dub is my occupation.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Monno (Switzerland) - Error (2005)

Another awesome, obscure, mindfuckacious contribution from the ever-contributive Jyb (yup, from Cadillacs & Dinosaurs). So give your thanks to Jyb, especially for the expansive-as-a-goddamn-ocean scanning job!

"At first there's noise. Noise oozing from every speaker, every hole, every crevice. Noise flooding, dripping, crawling, with pounding in the distance. Noise that takes the shape of a punk song, a binary abortion of a song. Songs that stumble in mid-course like a plane crashing in clouds. Voices made out of larsen. Noise that tides out, letting songs breath for a moment. Letting them throw up all the distortion that had dampened their lungs for so long. Noise that tides in and floods everything back. Noise and rhythm fucking. Noise printed on an A5 booklet. Noise that goes on, and on, and on, and on.

Album art by Dennis Tyfus:

vidimo se

"Vidimo se" means "à plus tard" means "see you" means... (Médiafeu)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

V/A - Studio One Scorcher Vol. 2 [JAM/2006]

Two [2] for the price of none [because you have no soul [jazz]]!

Yes, I'm a fan of brackets.
Imperial TIE Fighter [o]

V/A - Studio One Scorcher [JAM/2002]

Another colossal reissued Studio One Soul Jazz output courtesy of my friend Mr. Max, and lots of insert reads included [not shown here] for the reggae nerd in you, like, Tommy McCook was The Skatalites leader, not Don Drummond [Don was more popular hence the confusion] seen?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Suckinim Baenaim (Israel & Germany) - S/T 10" (2009)

1. Look Smoke
2. Mom? Anigma?
3. You Got That Right
4. Zap Zap
5. Deal With That
6. Woo Hoo!
7. Click Click
8. Cha Ching
Total playing time 13:22

Suckinim Baenim is a somewhat spastic, yet fairly rock 'n' roll in their approach, scream-happy hardcore punk band based in Tel Aviv / Dresden. These four spazzes don't shy away from cryptic songtitles, twistedly liberating dissonant doodling, sudden powerviolencesque breaks, and heavier passages that would make a better soundtrack for some sort of seizure, than moshing. In all seriousness, the stuff they play is made for dancing, crowd surfin', shaking your tailfeather and doing the twist like Mickey fucking Rubirosa (alternated pulling on an imaginary towel wrapped around your lower back with both hands, while one or both legs squeeze a cigarette butt with vigor, all the while you can also swing the upper body around a bit. You know the drill, I hope; if not, I'll teach you, pass the knowledge down 'cause dancing is a natural, primitivistic legacy, like I've been enthusiastically taught myself a while ago.). Suckinim Baenaim have been around for three years or so, in what time they played like half a million gigs and put out this self-titled 10" (on Family Business / Urban Decay Records) and a split 7" with Achzavoth (-|- 666 copies -|-), of which the latter is still in stock. Ace stuff!

Proper party punk. (Mediafire)

Thanks to Urban Decay Records for awesome upload provisions, baby. Do the twist!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Powercup (Canada) - Renovate at all Cost (2010)

1) intro
2) billy mays
3) unlicensed
4) 3 puces et quart
5) bob vila
6) renophobia
7) ballad of the sawdust
8) dry
9) tim allen
10) beer schnapps
11) lunch break
12) renovate to skate
13) weld fast or die
14) power drill
15) bob the builder
16) plywood
Total playing time 19:30

Frank (from the band) says that they "play a mix of oldschool Quebec vibe grindcore with a mix of powerviolence here and there. All about Renovative nonsense," so if his description made you think of Mesrine on a punk, that is, powerviolence kick, that's a fairly correct assumption and you deserve a Medal of Grind. Powercup is a drill-happy Montrealese construction trio with a paradoxical penchant for destructive blasting, although construction work is heavy shit in its own right. Naturally, there's a lot of dirty chugga chugga iron balls penetrating the thinness of your tympanic membrane, but also many a blastbeat, thank Billy Mays, Tim Allen, Bod the Builder, Robert J. "Bob" Vila, and the rest of the Construction God Pantheon. All in all, we're in for some rough, punk as fuck, bass-heavy grind.

"Smash the tellie
Throw out the couch
Gotta make room
So I can skate in my house"

- Renovate to Skate

Build to Skate (2shared)

That said, Frank mentioned that Powercup will be releasing a split with D9.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Mayday [USA] - Endless Resist EP [200?]

Mayday are from Austin, Texas and Justin's old band. I'm not sure I have the correct release year, you can have me stand corrected. How's Pat doing by the way? Comes in a cool clear pressing.

Btw, if you pay for the shipping we'll send you a [free] copy. You'll just need to invest in a plastic bag. Ask Justin or contact me at dreadfoul [at]