Friday, April 23, 2010

Samus (USA) - Desengano (2000)

Jyb of Cadillacs & Dinosaurs sent me another damn sexy mail, ripped and fully scanned for our collective pleasure. Samus released the weird Desengano on Crucial Blast, the home of weird things with awesome properties of weirdness.

Without further ado, here's what Jyb says:
"Here's a little something for your blog, an album I thought i had no chance to get, and yet i literally stumbled upon it for 1€ in some guy distro during a fest. Fuck yeah.

It's Samus only album "Desengano". You could read the extensive pitchfork review about it, or just picture yourself this : Harvey Milk meet Dadaism. Look at the cover, you get the idea : collages.

Expect lo-fi sludge. Expect weird songs structures. Expect 8-bit music. Expect a rubber duck. Expect some early Earth-like drone. And expect a lot, lot of samples.

I've searched the Intertubes, but I couldn't find any official site or even some info about the two guys behind this. Only a few reviews of people sounding as puzzled as me when I listen to it. But what baffles me the most is that it always sounds coherent. Each sample, each piece of music, noise or random speech concur to build the album an atmosphere of it's own, rather than dispersing it.

The only thing I'm sure about this clusterfuck of an album is that definitely it's worth a listen for fans of weird music."

How can you save the manatee if you can't save yourself? (Mediafire)


DesiccatedVeins said...

I love Harvey Milk and Dadaism, so I'm copping this immediately. Also, that disc art is HOT.

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cjejons said...

Wanted to hear this. Thanks for that chance.

Rondell said...

I don't understand a word yous just say in your blog entry.

The Thing That Should Not Be said...

I'm glad someone else digs this amazing CD. I thought it was just me.

JJ G said...

I am the guitarist/vocalist of this band. This album was recorded while I was in my teens. We have since recorded 2 albums, but are waiting for the arrival of The Infinite to release them. I could send you a copy if you promise not to play it for anyone but yourself and perhaps a goldfish.