Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Atomic Bomb Audition (USA) - Light Will Remain (2008)

1. Tracing the Ecliptic 01:26
2. Copernicus: apogee 05:09
3. Copernicus: perigee 13:55
4. The Fifth Wizard 01:24
5. We Speak to the Revelator 08:21
6. You Are the Sun & the Moon 01:39
7. Reseda: books of blood 19:55
Total playing time 50:23

Copernicus takes-off like an aural demolition ball going ballistic on a discordant axis, shrugging off the stardust, oceans spat out sparkly slick, peeling off the atmosphere, crust, grind, lithosphere, asthenosphere, mesosphere, till the heart of the jam throbs eerily but securely on its own, concluding a central sun in every macrocosm, a cometproof (dis)structure. Past the metronomic thump right off a Gothenburg melodic metal of death motif, there's a constant psychedelic rock 'n' roll beat beating my head in asking why, why I never saw the pendulum swing 'twixt Pink Floyd and maudlin of the Well. Fly on Little Wing & let no orbit hold ya, goddamnit.

The album remains free in any format one could think of, sweet, lovely ogg included. Get your download or buy the diskette for six bucks at the band's site over here.

Released 13 August 2008
Alee: guitars, vocals
Brian: drums, vocals
Jason: bass, vocals, organ
Norman: electronics, vocals, engineering
- with guests -
Shayna Dunkelman: vibes, timpani
Erika Pipkin: vocals

Produced by The Atomic Bomb Audition
Recorded January - June 2008
Engineered by The Norman Conquest and Leif Shackelford
Mastered by Leif Shackelford
Album art by Brian


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orfee said...

Shoot salt, sparse sparrows, sadists and so sweet sorrows, secretive silences, slow and sights sunk in snow.