Sunday, December 27, 2009

Wormrot (Singapore) - DEMO (2007)

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1. Propagrinda
2. Condemnation
3. Bombastard
4. Raging Bullshit
5. Wall of Shit
6. Freedom to Act
7. Violate the Dead
8. Mass Disruption
9. Evolved Into Obliteration (Insect Warfare)
Total playing time 7:31

A Wormrot demo of variable yet integral quality with an all-around fat greasy big chainsaw sound. Right off the bat they glow as this harsh, tight, ace grind band doing an Insect Warfare cover for the closer. I generally find the likeness to IW more apparent here than on Abuse, especially in particularities like the vocal stylings (for example, listen to Condemnation). Pretty sure that there's that bass(ist) that they used to have on this one seeing as guitars do not usually sound like rowdy space mammoths communicating unless Justin Broadrick did a cameo.

Not as dynamically destructive as their debut. Still good.

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Trivia and debunking, courtesy of gentle(wo)manly anonymous(es):

"nope, no bass. they never had one. as far as i know, the only bassist in the initial band line up didnt even last for 1 session. arif and rasyid split from them right at the get go."

"yea. rasyid's guitar was a 3 stringer with the 1st-3rd strings taken out on an epiphone (evident in their indonesian tour pictures), using a thicker gauge, 0.54 E string. his reason for the 3-stringed guitar: "i sucked at guitar.""

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Wormrot (Singapore) - Abuse (2009)

Because we better jump on the fucking grindwagon (yeah, really), I'll grace the vast interplains with another one of those pseudo-reviews of mine.

Wormrot's debut, fittingly titled "Abuse", abuses the shit out of your ea... Ah, fuck it. Listen, everything that all those other guys already said is more-or-less true. Most notable is Fitri's drumming, who's obviously something like Bruce Lee's and Chuck Norris' unbearably manly child. I tell you, right off the first track you're caught in a tom-storm yelling "Jesus Christ he's gonna kill somebody if this doesn't stop soon why is he so angry I can't even bleeeaaaarghhhhh..." Now, the rest of the band - Rasyid and Arif - had to do a pretty tough job considering the grand drumming, and they absolutely did not disappoint. There is no bass, yet the guitar roars as heavily as Teddy D. Roosevelt's animated corpse that somehow does not slouch nor smudge its dance-moves but swings the axe gracefully flowing with blastbeats like foam gushing from its wave while the yelps, screams, growls all vibrate rhythmically through lyrically unforgiving Engrish swearing at politics and the corporate machinery one grind song at a time. And, while calling them the Singaporean Insect Warfare has already become a gimmick, Wormrot is just more old-school. This does not equate to being sloppy; rather, there is a punk edge to Wormrot that Insect Warfare - according to the universal laws of Discordance Axis - gave up for a considerably more austere approach. However, what both bands provide is pure fucking relentless grindcore. It's the unmistakable grating riff & furious screaming over a snare-blast producing this extremity of feeling, music on the edge of music, a sound denying nihilism completely and utterly, grindcore, you are ballet for the angry prole, a ballerina caught on fire spinning endlessly, you are Camus' clearest thought, Sisyphus enraged headbutting the colossal existential boulder till his skull cracks open and a bloody flower blooms proclaiming the ultimate blastbeat form!

Grindcore IS love (Mediafire)

No weltschmerz, only zorn.

P.S. CD released on Scrotum Jus Records in Singapore and Relapse for the US, while the LP is on TVG Records, Germany.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Insect Warfare (USA) - World Extermination (2007)

I guess they lost the battle, like we all eventually do, but no one will ever forget Insect Warfare. At war with grindcore, they paved their way through brick, metal, scenesters & false grind. Thankfully, Insect Warfare never had a penchant for subtleties. When World Extermination came out, the World's heartbeat sped-up a little, owing to the master-blastbeatery present. That sort of intense, relentlessly fast chugga chugga is a rare find, even in grindcore. And hey, I heard they sucked many an ass on this recent UK tour, but I dunno, we're all insects, perhaps they should have canceled the whole deal. Other than that, who here doesn't love Insect Warfare and what the fuck is wrong with you? I hope this question stays fanboy angst-ridden rhetoric, if such a thing may be allowed to exist.

Support Internet Era Alienation. (Mediafire)

This is my second birthday post on Cephalochromoscope (first one), and one of those grind albums whose greatness echoes all over the world, but especially in Singapore, I hear. Get this one at 625 Thrash, naturally. I forgot all about the blog's first birthday, but meh, next time. Time, like good grind, is scary fast shit, man. So, what else... Well, nothing relevant, but you know what? Some Insect Warfare lyrics would make a damn fine gangsta rap album.

"you know where to find me, are you too scared? i've got guns and their aiming for you. i came to fight, but you dont got no balls. i know what you did and i want your blood."
- Paranoia

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Atomic Bomb Audition (USA) - Light Will Remain (2008)

1. Tracing the Ecliptic 01:26
2. Copernicus: apogee 05:09
3. Copernicus: perigee 13:55
4. The Fifth Wizard 01:24
5. We Speak to the Revelator 08:21
6. You Are the Sun & the Moon 01:39
7. Reseda: books of blood 19:55
Total playing time 50:23

Copernicus takes-off like an aural demolition ball going ballistic on a discordant axis, shrugging off the stardust, oceans spat out sparkly slick, peeling off the atmosphere, crust, grind, lithosphere, asthenosphere, mesosphere, till the heart of the jam throbs eerily but securely on its own, concluding a central sun in every macrocosm, a cometproof (dis)structure. Past the metronomic thump right off a Gothenburg melodic metal of death motif, there's a constant psychedelic rock 'n' roll beat beating my head in asking why, why I never saw the pendulum swing 'twixt Pink Floyd and maudlin of the Well. Fly on Little Wing & let no orbit hold ya, goddamnit.

The album remains free in any format one could think of, sweet, lovely ogg included. Get your download or buy the diskette for six bucks at the band's site over here.

Released 13 August 2008
Alee: guitars, vocals
Brian: drums, vocals
Jason: bass, vocals, organ
Norman: electronics, vocals, engineering
- with guests -
Shayna Dunkelman: vibes, timpani
Erika Pipkin: vocals

Produced by The Atomic Bomb Audition
Recorded January - June 2008
Engineered by The Norman Conquest and Leif Shackelford
Mastered by Leif Shackelford
Album art by Brian