Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Discordless (Romania) - 148 Light Years (2009)

Discordless is a Romanian no-genre project. They put out 148 Light Years on the Asiluum label quite recently, the second release after their debut EP, five years ago. Alongside the regular, physical CD, they also decided to make it available for free over the internet (like, a metaphysical CD?), hence this post, stemming aaaaall the way from my electronic inbox. It was described to me as "...a collective effort of Marius Costache (noise), Ana Roman (piano), Costin Chioreanu (guitar), Jeno Havelaar (noise), and Razvan Raduta (drums). Produced, mixed and mastered by Marius Costache."

This album is a 148 light year-long journey through space, but I'm not sure to where, or why. Perhaps you're only drifting, 'cause you sure as hell don't know where you're going (well, I don't). Although it is, uh, a bit of an impossibility, somehow, your fragile body is propelled in-and-out of some obscure celestial body's orbit by sound and sound only. But look! There's a planet shaped like a piano. There's a bear eating a banana. There's a Jon Chang singing the Sailor Moon theme song. Yeah, there's a whole lot of weird shit in general. And I'd like to say that you saw a huge ^_^-shaped crater on some faraway rock, but it just didn't happen. To be honest, I think it's all in your head. You're swimming between stars, listening to this stuff, and there's no pressure except the heavy Discordless atmosphere. I mean, how the fuck are you even alive, in space?

Discordless Axis (Direct)

I must say, the artwork fits very nicely.

"The artwork was painted using mixed-media techniques by prolific artist Costin Chioreanu of Twilight13Media who also makes a guest appearance on this record as a guitar player."


gamefaced said...

listening to this now amongst the fax machines and copiers and constant clicking of keys and it fits my stuck here mood well. nice sounds to distract my discordless day. good find.

Andrew Childers said...

not my style but damn that art is gorgeous. i'd love to have them do some murals on my walls.

kreas said...

awsome post & a great "band"...thx for this...will be listening to it for a while...