Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sex Machineguns (Japan) - Ignition (2002)

1. Bousou Rock 05:02
2. Hoojirozame No Higeki 04:05
3. Kengai Na Watashi 04:17
4. Sokoni, Anata ga... 05:22
5. Siren 04:28
6. Spice 04:16
7. Akuma No Keshin 05:13
8. Nichiyoubi 04:07
9. Gyakufuu 04:31
10. Natu Demo Samui 03:50
11. Yajuu Ni Naritai 05:05
12. Sashimi To Wasabi 05:15
13. Yonaoshi GOOD VIBRATION 03:44
Total playing time 59:15

One with love for all you satanic wrong-doers in make-up. KICKASS HEAVY META-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-L for the little Japanese schoolgirl in each and every one of us that just wants to scream "KYAAAAAAAaaaaa!!!"

"Apparently the Sex Machineguns named their band after the Sex Pistols, implying that machineguns are more radical and faster than pistols."

... Excellent.

Trick or HEAVY FUCKING METAL. (Mediafire)

Tonight I will celebrate with a pikachu hat on my head. That's how awesome I am, really. And sometimes, I hang a Hello Kitty keychain on my guitar for a relentless grind jam. It's just so... empowering.


gamefaced said...

i chewed some hello kitty gum when i was like six and at the mall with my mom shopping for xmas presents and a hour or so later puked all over my grandma's front porch. turns out i had the flu but at the time i thought i had been possessed by hello kitty minions. true story circa 1984.

Zmaj said...

orfee said...

Thanks for saving the blog with Halloween postage.

Andrew Childers said...

you steal my thunder again. i was about to drop a hello kitty reference later this week. now what can i say to make people question my sexuality?

Zmaj said...

Hey Andrew, we're all fact here - no references. No references at all.

I suggest that you do a Manowar review. That'll get you kicked the hell out of a hypothetical closet.

Andrew Childers said...

not even i could do a manowar post with a straight face.