Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bad Actor (USA) - Portrait of Finality (2009)

1. The Kracken of Normandy
2. Sinister Smoke and Smolder
3. Through the Blue
4. A Man of Ideas
5. Shaking Hands Through Doorways
6. Searching for Serenity
7. Oleg
8. As Meredith Explodes
9. Triangular Room
10. Ralos
Total playing time 32:47

I got an email featuring Bad Actor's LP as my - get this - "reward for supporting heavy metal." Am I missing something?

They're a five-piece from Orlando, FL. They enjoy krakens, leviathans in general, and long walks on the beach. Oh and Mastodon. There's really not too much of the old slåådge here. Instead, the Bad Actors amalgamate several styles into a consistent mold of metals. Thing looks kinda weird, yet refuses to fall apart, its seams mended each and every time by melodic Baroness-reminiscent jerk-offs. And I mean that in a nice way. + For once, there are lyrics on their myspace, too. Mastodon and Baroness fans definitely ought do check it out, I say.

I met an Oleg recently. (Mediafire)

By the way, how many bands are there in Florida?


brutalex said...

dude, Florida has SO MANY bands.

Shanetera said...

FL is a big state with lots of big cities and is full of ignorance and biggotry. And rich, beautiful people. Combine that with amazing weather and you have a cauldron of metal awesomeness. The real question is, how many non-death metal bands are from FL?

orfee said...

You can get Le Journal de Montréal for 2$ extra in Florida.

brutalex said...

As a Floridian(not proud) I can say that the weather here is definitely not amazing. it's often so humid I sweat in my car. in my fucking car.

As for bigotry and ignorance, we have plenty, which is somewhat balanced by all the atheist crusties at Food Not Bombs feeding the homeless(against state law).

The non-metal band count here must be at least double the number of metal bands, I can't even begin to tell you how many new reggae groups pop up here per day. Alright, I can. A shitload. A shitload of reggae bands.

frankensteiner said...

one million. one million bands.