Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sex Machineguns (Japan) - Ignition (2002)

1. Bousou Rock 05:02
2. Hoojirozame No Higeki 04:05
3. Kengai Na Watashi 04:17
4. Sokoni, Anata ga... 05:22
5. Siren 04:28
6. Spice 04:16
7. Akuma No Keshin 05:13
8. Nichiyoubi 04:07
9. Gyakufuu 04:31
10. Natu Demo Samui 03:50
11. Yajuu Ni Naritai 05:05
12. Sashimi To Wasabi 05:15
13. Yonaoshi GOOD VIBRATION 03:44
Total playing time 59:15

One with love for all you satanic wrong-doers in make-up. KICKASS HEAVY META-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-L for the little Japanese schoolgirl in each and every one of us that just wants to scream "KYAAAAAAAaaaaa!!!"

"Apparently the Sex Machineguns named their band after the Sex Pistols, implying that machineguns are more radical and faster than pistols."

... Excellent.

Trick or HEAVY FUCKING METAL. (Mediafire)

Tonight I will celebrate with a pikachu hat on my head. That's how awesome I am, really. And sometimes, I hang a Hello Kitty keychain on my guitar for a relentless grind jam. It's just so... empowering.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Cellgraft (USA) - Revenge (2009)

1. Rotting In Defecation
2. Anal Abscess
3. Revenge
4. Intestinal Collapse
Total playing time 01:54

Apparently, those Cellgraft guys put up more free stuff. However, this is their "very old material, worth a listen if you like Carcass, Repulsion, or any old school death metal influenced grindcore." Yup, definitely worth a listen, no matter how short it might be (under 2min, actually). After looking at the songtitles, I humbly decided that the lyrics don't interest me too much on this one.

Same sound, all good. (Mediafire)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bad Actor (USA) - Portrait of Finality (2009)

1. The Kracken of Normandy
2. Sinister Smoke and Smolder
3. Through the Blue
4. A Man of Ideas
5. Shaking Hands Through Doorways
6. Searching for Serenity
7. Oleg
8. As Meredith Explodes
9. Triangular Room
10. Ralos
Total playing time 32:47

I got an email featuring Bad Actor's LP as my - get this - "reward for supporting heavy metal." Am I missing something?

They're a five-piece from Orlando, FL. They enjoy krakens, leviathans in general, and long walks on the beach. Oh and Mastodon. There's really not too much of the old slåådge here. Instead, the Bad Actors amalgamate several styles into a consistent mold of metals. Thing looks kinda weird, yet refuses to fall apart, its seams mended each and every time by melodic Baroness-reminiscent jerk-offs. And I mean that in a nice way. + For once, there are lyrics on their myspace, too. Mastodon and Baroness fans definitely ought do check it out, I say.

I met an Oleg recently. (Mediafire)

By the way, how many bands are there in Florida?

Monday, October 26, 2009

Cellgraft (USA) - Cellgraft (2009)

1. Fabrication
2. Devolved Through Dependency
3. Blind Exchange
4. Corrupted Imagery
5. Construct Isolation
6. Eugenics
7. Sick With Rage
8. Reality Of Hell
9. Forced Tradition
10. Life Torcher
11. Soil
12. Erosion
13. Molded Clay
Total playing time 07:12

Get this gulf coast name-dropping trio. Hey, I guess it's like Tampa's Insect Warfare, with an Assücking edge, which means that it's a sharpened, or, uh - to put it realistically - blunted version. Punk rock, man. This one's a tape, only 300 copies I believe, but the guys put it up for free in any case. Didn't even hit me up with an email, which means that I found a free release all on my own for once. Though, you're free to go ahead and hit them up for one of them tapes.

No lyrics with the download, though. Good stuff anyway.

Still on fire, baby. (Mediafire)

P.S. For those who sent me mails in the last few months: in case you're wondering (or have already given up on me - I scratch my balls in your honor), I will, indeed, post those submitted things in my inbox.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

John Coltrane (USA) - Ascension (1965)

As a listening mind, you'd think God was dead and Coltrane is - at best - also dead thus ascending in a flurry of failed resurrections, maugre all those silent angelic balls of light in badly rendered Hollywood shitstorms. You'd think that he finally found his cartridges empty in some muddy pit following the stench of a drunkard - God or not, by then it was all the same - so I chose to follow his (foot/blue)prints in a way deemed societally wrong. And I have found an unchristian god with no capitals teeming with emptiness in everything which is why I'm a sidewinding idiot all the time. I'd have eaten static right off the screen had I heard comprehensive music, some familiar love song, cheap and loveless, but you can't hear shit in the middle of the woods. And later, you can't see shit. He found that he was biologically predetermined not to hear or see. Not destined, predetermined. He was not destined to do anything, so he was destined to do everything in contra-predetermined cathartic postdetermination for a non-annihilationist destiny where the day was still beautiful as described by Andrew Hill, who had no doubt seen an ascension or ascended himself. What he's trying to say is: realize what you know before it's too late.

1. Ascension (Edition II) 40:58
2. Ascension (Edition I) 38:30
Total playing time 1:19:28

John Coltrane - tenor saxophone
Pharoah Sanders - tenor saxophone
Archie Shepp - tenor saxophone
Freddie Hubbard - trumpet
Dewey Johnson - trumpet
Marion Brown - alto saxophone
John Tchicai - alto saxophone
McCoy Tyner - piano
Art Davis - upright bass
Jimmy Garrison - upright bass
Elvin Jones - drums

I'm as witty as an asscension. (link none)

Most people went ahead and compared it to Ornette Coleman's Free Jazz, but if we all followed each other then we'd just end up running in circles. Here's a map - directions on how to ascend - that someone awesome put on wikipedia:

Edition II
1. (Opening Ensemble)
2. Coltrane solo (3:10-5:48)
3. (Ensemble)
4. Johnson solo (7:45-9:30)
5. (Ensemble)
6. Sanders solo (11:55-14:25)
7. (Ensemble)
8. Hubbard solo (15:40-17:40)
9. (Ensemble)
10. Tchicai solo (18:50-20:00)
11. (Ensemble)
12. Shepp solo (21:10-24:10)
13. (Ensemble)
14. Brown solo (25:10-27:16)
15. (Ensemble)
16. Tyner solo (29:55-33:26)
17. Davis, Garrison duet (33:26-35:50)
18. (Concluding Ensemble)

Edition I
1. (opening ensemble)
2. Coltrane solo
3. Johnson solo
4. Sanders solo
5. Hubbard solo
6. Shepp solo
7. Tchicai solo
8. Brown solo
9. Tyner solo
10. Davis, Garrison duet
11. Jones solo
12. (concluding ensemble)